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Blue Paint Colors for Your Home in 2022

Blue Paint Colors for Your Home in 2022

Selecting paint colors is no easy feat, and when choosing the shade to set the stage for your life within your home or apartment, you want to make sure it’s one you will love for years to come. We know that’s asking for a lot, but there’s one color that does the job - blue.

One of the most universally loved shades, blue paint colors come in a wide range of tones to give just the right hue to your space. Easily pairing with other colors, as well as coming in everything from deep, dark blue, to bright cobalt, and subtle sky, there’s no limit to the different shades of blue paint you can use in your home.

To help you create the right ambiance in your home with our residential painting, we are sharing the most popular blue paint colors to assist in your exploration. Whether you want a bit of vibrant color or a super calming space, the blue painting ideas are endless, and we’ve got all the best for 2022. Check it out.

A Selection of Blue Paint Colors for the Interior of Your House

Ever taken a look at the sample shades of blue paint colors at a department store? Pretty overwhelming. To help you narrow it down, let’s dive into the popular blue paint colors in 2022 that are sure to elevate your home’s design.

Light Blue

To give an ultra-calming, peaceful tone to your home, go for light blue paint colors. Light blue hues give an airy, soft, bright feeling to a home, instilling your space with a bit of serenity so you can unwind and relax comfortably. Pairing well with an array of other colors, including the popular shades of white and gray, as well as pops of red, this is the perfect blue paint color for every space.

To achieve this blue hue in your home, try Behr’s Dew Point M450-I or PPG Paints Winter’s Breath PPGI 038-3.

Gray Blue

Ideal for the neutral-loving homeowner, a gray-blue paint color gives you a light pop of color while remaining in your comfort zone. Neutral blue paint colors with gray hints still give the peaceful vibe of a classic blue while adding a crisp, elegant element. This shade is perfect for both bedrooms and bathrooms.

For a gray-blue paint, try Sherwin-Williams Bracing Blue SW6242 or Behr’s Dark Pewter PPU18-04

Navy Blue

Navy Blue wall

A true-blue shade, navy blue is a great hue to really embrace this vibrant color. Coming in a range of intensities, navy blue room colors add richness and depth to your space, perfectly accenting orange and red tones, as well as gold and wood elements in your home. This is one of the best blue living room paint colors to create an inviting common space.

To achieve a rich blue hue like navy in your home, try Benjamin Moore Blueberry 2093-30 or Sherwin-Williams Jay Blue SW 6797.

Blue Green

Add a bit of green to your blue color palette with a blue-green shade. This take on the classic blue house colors adds a more earthy effect while still giving a tranquil feel. Often regarded as a mature shade, blue-green pairs well with other neutral colors in your home, particularly shades of brown.

For the perfect blue-green, try Sherwin-Williams Spa SW6765 or Benjamin Moore Antique Glass CSP-695.


2022 is all about big, bold pops of color, and turquoise is one of our favorites. This super-rich blue hue makes your walls the focal point, showing off your vibrant personality in an instant. This shade of blue is wonderful for living rooms, adding more depth to your space with a gorgeous, jewel-toned finish.

To achieve turquoise walls, try out the Behr Marquee Peacock shade or Sherwin-Williams Gulfstream SW 6768.

Denim Blue

Another one of the most popular blue paint colors right now is denim blue. This faded denim shade is one that will be on-trend through the years, offering a light blue shade that’s soft and subtle, providing a great stage for the rest of your decor. The undersaturated blue tone is calming, making it top of the list for blue bedroom paint colors.

For a denim blue room, try Behr Yacht Blue S490-4 or Sherwin-Williams Regale Blue SW6801.

Eggshell Blue

A slightly more vibrant light blue shade, eggshell is a peaceful blue hue with a bit of energy. This blue color has a slight green tone to it, bringing in inspiration from real egg shades. A super-liveable color, an eggshell paint choice is great for everything from living rooms to bedrooms, pairing perfectly with all your decor.

Try an eggshell paint color like Valspar Sea Breath 5006-7A or Glidden Arctic Blue GLB14.

Watercolor Blue

Watercolor Blue Walls

One of the best parts of going with a watery blue shade is the range you can find within this category. This vibrant blue paint color takes notes from watery and sky blues for a gorgeous, vibrant blue shade. A deeper version of this color is wonderful for bright rooms with a lot of light, while a lighter version is wonderful for rooms that lack strong natural light.

Go for the watercolor blue trend with Sherwin-Williams Amalfi SW 6783 or Glidden Tropical Surf 30BG 72/069.

Teal Blue

In the same vein as turquoise, teal is a more dramatic blue shade that adds a bit of elegant flair to your home. Of all the blue paint colors, this shade is one for those that are ready and willing to embrace bold color, keeping the home bright and fresh with this trendy paint choice.

For a darker teal, go with Sherwin-Williams Really Teal SW 6489, or opt for Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal 2136-40.

Icy Blue

One of our favorite blue hues for interiors, as well as top of the list for blue exterior house paint colors, is an icy blue. Icy blues are similar to blue-grays with cool undertones and pair beautifully with an elegant, modern home style. We love to choose icy blue shades when decor features a lot of gold or white to really make the tones in this painting pop.

To paint walls in an icy blue, choose Benjamin Moore’s Water’s Edge 1635 or Donald Kaufman Color Azurite.

Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Blue isn’t a color that’s reserved for the inside of a home. In fact, some of our favorite home designs include blue exterior paint colors. This gives a home, which often features a super-neutral paint color, a vibrant glow that will create welcoming energy in your neighborhood. While it does add a bit more color, blue is a great way to maintain a classic style while still giving your home a facelift.

For the best blue exterior paint colors, from vibrant and bold to light and elegant, keep reading to find your inspiration.

Light Blues

Light Blues Exterior home

With so many light blue paint colors to choose from, there are a lot of options that you’ll find to suit your home. Giving a feel of relaxation or cheerfulness, the best blues for exterior paint are often light blues, as they offer a more neutral blue shade that won’t make your home stand out too much. This is a great choice when looking to match many exterior elements, tying colors in together with a neutral blue tone.

For a light blue shade, try Sherwin-Williams Porch Ceiling SW9063 or Benjamin Moore Iced Slate 2130-60.

Dark Blues

On the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to the best blues for exterior paint is dark blue. While a darker blue shade may make an interior room feel smaller, it simply offers a gorgeous, more rich color when used for exteriors.

Classic blue shades, like navy, make for beautiful exterior paint choices for homes, making your home a focal point to show off the details and landscaping.

To achieve a dark blue exterior, try Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind 805 or Sherwin-Williams Loyal Blue SW 6510.

Brilliant Blues

To let your home shine, go for a brilliant blue house color. Bright and medium blue shades give your home a more cheerful exterior, livening up your neighborhood with a bright, rich pop of color. More saturated blue tones certainly stand out, however, they still match with a great deal of trim and windowpane colors for a cohesive exterior. And want to really make your brilliant blue pop? Choose white trim to brighten the shade further you select.

Our favorite brilliant blue shades include Sherwin-Williams Great Falls SW6495 and Sherwin-Williams Amalfi SW 6783.

Accentuating a Blue Home’s Exterior

You took the time to debate all the blue exterior house colors and finally chose the right one for you. Great, but we aren’t done yet.

Now that you’re officially settled on blue, it’s time to show it off! There are several ways to make your blue exterior even more vibrant and inviting, from the trim to the fixtures and landscaping. To achieve your most beautiful blue paint color, try out these go-to enhancements.


To best accentuate your new blue exterior paint colors, try complementing the hue with different materials and hues. Elements like brown or gray stones can pull out the undertones of your blue paint choice, highlighting the depth and intricacies of your color. Additionally, shingles and siding in a darker shade can create an exterior with even more depth.

To best achieve this look, first consider the undertones of your blue and what shades complement it most, whether it’s brown or gray or a simple white. Playing on those undertones will truly help your blue hue shine.


As we’ve said before, trim is an amazing way to highlight your paint color. When it comes to blue exteriors, a white trim makes a world of difference. A true white shade makes your blue home pop, livening up the color you chose for a bright, clean finish. However, if you aren’t obsessed with white trim, choose a lighter shade of blue to highlight your exterior’s color.


Blue exterior house color

Blue exterior house colors, no matter the shade or undertone of your choice, pair beautifully with a lush, green lawn. Blue and green are perfect contrasting colors, making both shine even brighter. By spending a bit more time on your landscape, you’ll not only make your blue exterior look vibrant but additionally make your vines, shrubbery, and grass look an even richer shade of green for a full lawn.


Last on the list of improvements to make when painting your home blue is upgrading the fixtures. This small detail makes a big difference in highlighting your blue tone, upgrading everything from window frames to the hardware on handles and railing, as well as any exterior light to metal that better highlights the blue you chose. We love dark iron or gold, depending on the shade you are working with!

Paint Your House Blue with Oahu Pro Painters!

Blue paint colors are some of the most popular shades for 2022, and there’s no limit to what you can find. With hundreds and hundreds of tones of blue, there are a number of blue painting ideas to best embody your personal style and preferences. From tranquil light blues to vibrant, lively, brilliant blues, set the tone in your home with this hero paint color.

For help choosing through the vast list of popular blue paint colors, or for a professional team to apply your paint color choice on your interior or exterior, look no further than the team at Oahu Pro Painters. Our expert painters perfectly paint your home for a gorgeous blue shade to last through the years. To find out how much your next paint job will cost, schedule an estimate or contact us today.

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Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Blue Paint Colors for Your Home in 2022
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