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Commercial Parking Garage Painting in Oahu

Parking garages see a lot of traffic each year. From shoppers and commuters to employees and travelers, many different people and vehicles pass through parking garages, and ensuring they look new and clean through the years is a must. 

Not only to maintain the aesthetics but to protect the garage from damage, parking lot painting services can do a great deal to elevate a parking garage while protecting it from the sometimes harsh conditions that come with Hawaii’s weather changes. 

From weather damage to cracks and corrosion, car park painting services will keep a parking garage in operation for years to come, and Oahu Pro Painters is just the team to help. With years of experience painting both commercial and residential locations, our team is uniquely equipped to handle these large-scale projects with ease. 

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Why Do You Need High-Quality Parking Painting?

Is a parking lot painting service really needed? When it comes to both safety and the overall appearance of your property, a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference when upgrading a parking lot. 

Particularly when it comes to commercial parking lot painting in Hawaii, the perks include:
Improving the safety for vehicles that enter
Elevating safety for pedestrians, making it more clear where any tripping hazards maybe for a safer space
Aiding in saving money on electricity
Brighter locations can help lower crime and other unwanted activity at the garage
For a safer, brighter, and more modern parking garage, contact our team at Oahu Pro Painters to upgrade your property today.
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What Do Our Parking Areas Painting Services Include?

If you’ve been anxiously searching for “parking lot painting services near me,” you’ve likely come across Oahu Pro Painters, and for a good reason. Beyond a basic fresh coat of paint for your parking garage, our team works to provide elevated services for a truly renewed and safe garage. 

Our garage painting services include:
Painting and concrete coatings: This involves covering your garage in a fresh coat of paint or concrete for a revitalized lot.
Protecting the garage from corrosion: Especially in Hawaii, parking garages are subject to the effects of corrosion. Our expert team will use our keen knowledge of this issue to protect your lot.
Painting of steel and pipes: It’s not just about the ground, but the piping and steel, too. We include all of this in our paintwork.
Repairing cracks in concrete: To maintain a strong garage, we will repair any cracks in the concrete before painting.
Creating safety markings: Creating a safer space is a top priority, so we will work with you to determine what safety markings are needed and paint them for you.
Control joint repair: Repairs are essential to a long-lasting garage, so we will perform joint control repairs, too.
Line striping: To help create clear divisions for parking spaces and the flow of traffic, we will create line striping.
Pressure cleaning for a fresh finish: Before we go, we will leave your garage shining and new by pressure cleaning once the job is complete.

Why Choose Oahu Pro Painters for Parking Garage Painting Services?

With over 15 years in the industry, our team at Oahu Pro Painters is made up of the best painters in the area. Due to our extensive expertise and commitment to each unique project, we deliver premium results, no matter the state your property is in when we arrive.

When it comes to choosing a parking lot painting service, Oahu Pro Painters is the go-to, and here’s why.
Backed By Experience

Backed By Experience

There’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of an industry than through experience, and with more than 15 years of painting both commercial and residential properties of all sizes, our team is nothing short of experts. We approach each project with professionalism and bring our skills to provide top-notch results.
Considerate Scheduling

Considerate Scheduling

Especially when working on commercial projects, our team knows it’s important to have as little of an impact on daily business as possible. For this reason, we work around your schedule, including on weekends, to paint your location without interfering with the day-to-day operations. 
Conscious Pricing

Conscious Pricing

As a local business, our team is dedicated to providing affordable prices for each and every project, ensuring you can update your location without breaking the bank. Additionally, we provide estimates in advance, so you know exactly what’s to come. 

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Excellent quality of work! Great service provided by all which includes Ellen and Kiani in the office and John, Vato and their crew on site. The job site is located on very challenging terrain. I was very confident that the crew worked safely taking all precautions. All in all, the pricing for mom's project was fair and I think everyone in my family is very happy with the end result!
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Karl Van Zandt
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FAQ About the Locations that Oahu Pro Painters Serves

How much does it cost to paint a car parking area?

The final cost of a parking garage painting job depends on the size and condition of the area. If a lot of repairs are needed, or it’s a very large space, costs will be higher than that of a smaller, decently maintained garage. To help give you an idea of how much your paint job will cost, request a free estimate today.

How can I get the cost estimate to paint a parking garage?

At Oahu Pro Painters, we make getting a cost estimate to paint a parking garage simple. All you have to do is schedule time for a free estimate online, and our team will be in touch. We will come and check out your location and provide a price for your unique space, all at an affordable price.

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