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At Oahu Pro Painters, we offer premium commercial painting services for retail stores locally in Honolulu, HI. We know that when it comes to window shoppers, the appearance of the store is key to enticing them to move from outside the storefront, into the store to shop. To make our store visually appealing to all your clients, revamp and overhaul your interior and exterior paint colors with our professional painters for the bright, welcoming retail environment every shopper is looking for.

With knowledge of the best paint colors for retail shops and a team of contractors backed by extensive experience with commercial painting for retail stores, it’s no wonder that our clients choose Oahu Pro Painters to refresh their retail space. Our Honolulu-based company guarantees clean, sleek, interior and exterior painting for shops of any size, taking the stress out of your design upgrade for an improved shopping experience.
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Professional Painters for Retail Stores

Commercial Painting Services We Offer For Retail Businesses

To expertly sell your merchandise, you’ll need the perfect backdrop - and we are here to help. Getting the store looking just-right can enhance guests’ shopping experience, ensuring an enjoyable environment that has clients coming back for more. To bring your vision to life and embody your store’s brand, it’s important to partner with the right painting service.
With knowledge of the best paint colors for retail store projects and a 15-year history of commercial retail store painting, our team at Oahu Pro Painters can bring your store to life with the pop of color you need to target your desired audience. 
When we paint retail stores, our services include:
Ewa Beach, HI
A team of professional painters equipped with the skill and tools to expertly paint your space
Kailua, HI
Preparing and cleaning the space for painting
Kailua, HI
Wallpaper removal and/or installation, depending on your requests
Kailua, HI
Minor repairs and priming walls to ensure a smooth coat of paint
Kailua, HI
Larger drywall repairs and smoothing texture
Kailua, HI
Complete interior painting, including walls and ceilings
Pearl City, HI
Post-paint cleanup
Additionally, at Oahu Pro Painters, we understand the importance of maintaining a business, even when your retail space is getting a facelift. This is why we offer flexible hours to work around your schedule, ensuring your store is perfectly updated with a fresh coat of paint without impacting your business hours. 

To get started on updating your retail space, contact us for a free estimate today.

Exterior Painting Services for Shops

Sometimes the exterior's looks matter as much as the interior's. Because let’s face it - we tend to judge a book by its cover. Businesses that have fresh and welcoming storefronts will definitely attract more clients, old and new.  

For retail store painting, our team will work with you to make the big decision on your exterior paint, offering our suggestions of brands and the best paint colors for retail store updates to help make the decision-making process easy.
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For commercial painting for retail stores, we offer:
Ewa Beach, HI
Free color consultation to find the right palette for you
Kailua, HI
Repair any damage of the exterior before painting caused by harsh environmental conditions
Kailua, HI
Cleaning, priming, and prepping your outside walls
Kailua, HI
Complete exterior painting
Kailua, HI
Post-painting cleanup for a spotless storefront
Oahu Pro Painters knows the ins-and-outs of commercial painting and will ensure your store looks refreshed, without impeding your business for a beautiful, lasting paint job.

Why do our clients think that Oahu Pro Painters is the best Retail Painting Contractor on Oahu ?

Oahu Pro Painters is the best local Oahu retail painters. Businesses across the region come to us for our expertise, our years of experience, the quality of our work…and our prices!

We provide all-encompassing retail painting and decoration services, spanning wall repair, fixture maintenance, and painting. Oahu Pro Painters is a trusted go-to, local commercial painting company!

With 15-years experience of quality painting, we take our knowledge, expertise, and a thorough understanding of the conditions in Hawaii into each new project to ensure a premium, clean, and professional result. We approach our job with longevity in mind, using only the best paint and tools, backed by expert repairs. This is key when it comes to commercial retail store painting as it ensures your storefront welcoming and sleek looks last for a long time, no matter the weather.
cleans and brightens up your facias and fences

Meeting Your Budget

We’ll visit your store to discuss your interior and exterior painting needs, offer free color consultations to those who need it, and draw up a plan that suits your budget.
keeps plants from growing in between paving slabs

Exceeding Your Expectations

We go above and beyond for all our customers. Our retail painting services are thorough, our painters arrive on time every time, and we always work around your schedule.
removes dust and dirt that builds up over months and years

Finished to Perfection

Every job is finished to perfection, and your store is cleaned and ready to go as soon as we’re done.
Still unsure? At Oahu Pro Painters, we also offer color consultations and flexible hours, making decisions easy without impacting your day-to-day business.

Get started on your retail store painting and fill out a free estimate online, or contact us at 808-460-6914.

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Oahu Pro Painters
Excellent quality of work! Great service provided by all which includes Ellen and Kiani in the office and John, Vato and their crew on site. The job site is located on very challenging terrain. I was very confident that the crew worked safely taking all precautions. All in all, the pricing for mom's project was fair and I think everyone in my family is very happy with the end result!
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Karl Van Zandt
Honolulu, HI


Do you offer custom commercial painting services for shops on Oahu?

Yes, we do offer custom commercial painting services for retail stores. Our team will work with you, advising on the best paint colors for retail store updates, as well as selecting the best brand and color combinations for your desired look. We know each store has a different target customer, and with the right paint color and an expert finish, you can attract your target audience into the store. To begin the process of painting your store, schedule a free estimate online.

How much does your exterior retail store painting service cost?

Price can greatly differ for every project depending on the size of your shop and types of paint used. The big stores usually require much more time and effort, while smaller ones can be a pretty quick job. Contact us for more details and estimates!

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