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Our professional painting company, Oahu, HI, has provided commercial and industrial warehouse, workshop, and factory painting services for over a decade. Regardless of how big or small your commercial painting needs are, you’ll notice our craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in each of our painting projects.

Many fulfillment centers, cross-docks, e-commerce distribution centers, and cold storage facilities in Oahu, HI, neglect painting their facilities because the task is tedious, tiring, and time-consuming. That’s where we come in.

As leading warehouse painting contractors, we’ll complete your project on time, ensuring unmatched quality. If you need to paint your warehouse or any other commercial or industrial business, Oahu’s Pro Painters are ready to help!
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Benefits of Painting Warehouses and Distribution Facilities

In addition to providing a nice look for your facility, painting warehouse walls offers numerous benefits:
Enhanced surface durability to withstand wear and tear.
Improved visibility for a safer workspace.
Easier maintenance and cleaning.
Compliance with regulatory requirements and being inspection-ready for OSHA, FDA, USDA, and other third-party organizations.
Most importantly, when a distribution warehouse painter applies a fresh coat of paint, it protects and maintains the value of your industrial facility at no extra cost.

Professional & Safe Warehouse Painting Services We Offer in Hawaii

Oahu Pro Painters offers the following warehouse painting services:

Warehouse Floor Painting

A fresh coat of paint prevents staining and damage on epoxy flooring and other ground surfaces.

Warehouse Floor Marking

Clearly divide spaces, highlight hazards, direct traffic, and convey important information with our warehouse floor line painting.

Interior and Exterior Warehouse Painting

Painting warehouse walls provides a protective coating from UV rays, molds, winds, stains, and water penetration.

Windows and Doors

Protect window and door surfaces from the weather and reduce the impact of humidity fluctuations.

Factory Warehouse and Ceiling Painting

Our warehouse ceiling painting will defend your factory and warehouse ceilings from environmental damage.

Color Coding Paint Services

We offer color-coding painting services to identify the different materials running through your facility's piping.

Ceiling Decks

Not only does a bright, clean coat of paint look professional, but it also reflects light better illuminating dark spaces.

Loading Dock Areas

Brightly painted dock edges reduce the likelihood of accidents and workers falling.

Exterior Painting Services

We provide high-quality exterior painting services for restaurants, ensuring that your establishment looks its best from the outside in. Our team of professional painters is experienced in all aspects of exterior painting, from surface preparation to the final coat of paint.

Interior Painting

Transform the interior of your eatery with our interior painting services. Our team of professional restaurant interior painters can help you choose the right colors and finishes to enhance the ambiance of your establishment and provide a comfortable dining experience for your patrons.

Wallpaper Removal & Paint

Is your restaurant wallpaper looking dated or damaged? Our crews can remove the old wallpaper and prep and paint the walls for an updated, fresh look that will impress your customers.

Pressure Washing

We understand the importance of preparing surfaces before painting. That's why we offer pressure washing services to ensure that the areas being painted are clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Light Carpentry Repairs

Our team of skilled painters is also qualified to make light carpentry repairs to your restaurant's exterior, including wood trim and rotted wood replacement.

Drywall Repair

Our team can repair any drywall damage in your restaurant, ensuring that the walls look smooth and flawless before painting.

Rapid Refresh & Touch Up

Sometimes a simple refresh with a new coat of paint is all that's needed to give your restaurant a new lease on life. We specialize in minimizing disruptions to your business while providing quick, efficient, and professional painting services.

Rebranding & Reimaging

If it's time for a new look for your restaurant, we can help. Our team has extensive experience in rebranding and reimaging restaurants, including transforming color schemes and updating overall aesthetics.

Graffiti Removal

Unwanted graffiti can be unsightly and off-putting to visitors. Our team can quickly and efficiently remove graffiti from your restaurant or dining establishment exterior, restoring its appearance and attractiveness.

High-Durability Coatings

We offer high-durability coatings for high-traffic areas of your restaurant, such as floors and walls, to provide an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

Do You Have a Warehouse Painting Project We Can Help With?

Improve the safety and appearance of your industrial building. Call Ohau Painters to see to all your warehouse painting needs.
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Why Our Clients Think We're the Best Warehouse Painting Company in Oahu

With more than ten years of experience in warehouse painting services, our skilled team is committed to providing unmatched customer service. You can continue to run your business as usual while we handle the entire project, painting your warehouse ceilings, walls, and floors.
We have trained, certified, and experienced crews to handle industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and paint application.
For the best products and formulations, we consider the conditions of your warehouse or distribution center facilities, including heat, cold, moisture, and productivity demands.
Protecting nearby structures, surfaces, fixtures, equipment, and landscaping is part of what we do.
Our crews are protected with safety gear and personal protective equipment to make sure they do their jobs safely and efficiently. As professional warehouse painting contractors, we’re committed to protecting your commercial investment.

Our Commercial Warehouse Painting Process

Step 1 - Initial Meeting & Consultation

For us to create a plan, we’ll need to see your space. One of our trained team members will visit your project site to understand your painting needs better. During this time, please feel free to ask us any questions you’d like and fill us in on the vision of your overall warehouse painting project.
Step 1 - Get a Quote
Step 2 - Initial Consultation

Step 2 - Quote & Official Proposal

Once we understand your warehouse painting project better, we will put together a tailored quote for you to approve. We always want you to fully understand the services you’ll receive, which is why all of our quotes are custom and specific to your needs.

Step 3 - Begin Painting

From there, we’ll begin painting. How long the painting process takes depends on your warehouse size and the specific areas you need to paint. Our team of commercial painters always communicates changes in our timeline, so you know exactly what to expect.
Step 3 - Prepare Surfaces
Step 4 - Apply New Paint

Step 4 - Enjoy Your New Space!

Once we have completed the project, our crew will diligently pack up all their belongings and equipment so you can enjoy your new space!

The Most Trusted and Referred Warehouse Painters in Oahu!

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Oahu Pro Painters
Excellent quality of work! Great service provided by all which includes Ellen and Kiani in the office and John, Vato and their crew on site. The job site is located on very challenging terrain. I was very confident that the crew worked safely taking all precautions. All in all, the pricing for mom's project was fair and I think everyone in my family is very happy with the end result!
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Karl Van Zandt
Honolulu, HI
Oahu Pro Painters

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How often should warehouse ceilings and walls be painted?

Given our extensive warehouse painting experience, we recommend repainting at the first signs of wear and deterioration. Operating conditions and environmental factors will affect the schedule. Act immediately if you notice moisture or water damage caused by leaks or drips, or if surfaces are incredibly moldy or corroded.

How much to paint a warehouse in Hawaii?

The size of your warehouse and the specifications necessary for us to paint it will factor into the overall price. Plus, the material that you choose will impact pricing as well. For example, basic floor coatings can cost as little as $1.50 per square foot, while more specialty coatings can cost up to $5.00 per square foot.

If you aren’t sure what material is best for your business’ specific performance needs, our team is happy to walk you through your options.

What is the best industrial floor paint for warehouses?

We typically see the best results with paint that has a two-part epoxy. This type of paint requires us to mix a hardener separately into a base material. Although using a two-part epoxy requires a more thorough preparation time and a longer drying time, the results are beautiful and long-lasting.