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Time to boost productivity with an office remodel! Liven and brighten your office space with a fresh coat of paint to help boost your business and employees' satisfaction.

At Oahu Pro Painters, we offer interior and exterior painting services for offices that will instantly update your environment, impressing customers during client visits with an improved office building design. Whether your space just needs a little sprucing up, or you're looking to fully redo and repaint your office space, Oahu Pro Painters office painting contractors are ready for the job. With the right corporate office painting contractor, you can not only modernize your workplace with stylish paint colors but even make your office size look bigger with the right methods. Our team of professional office painters is part of our commercial painting services and offers premium, custom office painting services for your space, including both the interior and exterior.
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Signs Your Honolulu Office Needs to Be Repainted

If you have been in your office space for a few years, a refreshed office wall painting project is likely long overdue.

To better match your branding and modernize your office, our corporate office painting company is here to help. With expert office painting services, we adjust our painting method and design based on the shape and size of your office for the perfect finish. But when should you look into corporate office painting services?
Beyond simply desiring a new paint color, commercial office painting may be needed for a few other reasons. It's time to prepare for a fresh coat if you notice:
  • Kitchen
    Fading paint
  • Mudroom/entryway
    Discolored or stained walls
  • Bathroom
    Peeling or cracking paint
  • Game room
    Bubbling paint
  • Livingroom
    Crack in caulk
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Benefits of Professionally Painted Office Space

There are many perks to opting for a corporate office painting contractor. By investing in commercial painting projects at your office for a fresh coat of paint, you are able to brighten your workspace and make it more appealing for workers to come in, especially in the ever-evolving work-from-home environment. With the right interior painting and exterior painting project design, you can create a comforting, welcoming, and light environment for workers and clients. But that's not all. The other benefits of an office painting project include:
Boosting appearance
Increasing productivity
Promoting stress relief
Increasing problem-solving skills
Creating a more positive and optimistic environment
Increasing property value
Helping to develop creativity
Helping improve employee morale
Increasing foot traffic
Improving air quality

Corporate Office Building Painting Services We Provide in Hawaii

At Oahu Pro Painters, we are proud to offer the best painting services in Hawaii. With each painting project, we help our clients set up new, unoccupied offices, boost interior painting of both large and small occupied offices, and improve the outdoor appearance with exterior painting projects.

Our corporate office painting company offers a number of painting services with affordable everyday pricing. Let's break it down.
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Interior Office Painting Service

Our interior office wall painting services include top-to-bottom improvements to your office. With our professional corporate office painter services, we go beyond the basic painting project requirements. In addition to everyday commercial painting, we are equipped to assist with:
At Oahu Pro Painters, we are committed to delivering the result you've envisioned and will work closely with you to bring it to life. With flexible work hours, we can work outside of your office hours to avoid disrupting your daily workflow - refreshing your space, without impacting your day-to-day routine.
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Exterior Office Painting Services

As with our interior office space painting service, our team of professional painters is well-equipped to handle painting the exterior of your office. At Oahu Pro Painters, we know the importance of having a clean, welcoming exterior, which is why we are one of the go-to commercial office painting companies. We know the exterior of your office offers a first impression to visitors, and the perfect paint job can majorly upgrade your curb appeal. With our office building painting service, we can quickly revamp the exterior of your work environment, bringing your exterior up-to-date. Our commercial office painting service includes:
The team at Oahu Pro Painters is dedicated to providing premium and convenient office painting services, taking the time to walk through your project and work with flexible hours to ensure your project is completed with little to no effect on your workday. With more than 15 years of experience, we are a reliable, local office painting company and are ready to refresh the exterior of your space.

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What Does Our Office Building Painting Include?

When looking for "office painting near me," it's important to find painting teams that are well-equipped, experienced, and can perform both minor repairs and more tedious improvements.
At Oahu Pro Painters, we offer high-quality workmanship to ensure the success of your next painting project. Our services include:
A team of professional, skilled painters
Preparing the work area to ensure no furniture or floors are affected
Applying paint in your desired color
Smoothing any damaged areas of walls for an event paint job
Sealing concrete
Full painting of the facade of your office building
Power washing and cleaning before painting to ensure a smooth coat
Cleaning up for a work-ready space and exterior
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Why Our Clients Think We Are The Best Office Oahu Corporate Office Painting Contractors

When it comes to office painting companies, the team at Oahu Pro Painters is the best corporate office painting company you will find in Hawaii. With extensive painting experience in office buildings and commercial properties, and with reliable service and an affordable cost to paint an office environment, we are the go-to team for the job.
At Oahu Pro Painters, we guarantee:
Fast-drying, premium paint at no additional cost
Quick, high-quality workmanship with an experienced team
Experienced team minimal downtime guarantee to allow you to return to work
Painting projects done right the first time
Affordable, everyday pricing with budget-friendly rates
Free, firm price quotes so you know what to expect
We have extensive experience painting both the interior and exterior of commercial properties, offering reliable office wall painting services. From classic, vintage buildings to modern designs, our professional painters know how to handle every job with care and precision to provide the most premium office space painting service. With an extensive, 15-year portfolio, flexible work hours, and a local base, we treat each property as if it's our own, taking the time and care to revamp your space with an expert hand.

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Excellent quality of work! Great service provided by all which includes Ellen and Kiani in the office and John, Vato and their crew on site. The job site is located on very challenging terrain. I was very confident that the crew worked safely taking all precautions. All in all, the pricing for mom's project was fair and I think everyone in my family is very happy with the end result!
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Karl Van Zandt
Honolulu, HI
Oahu Pro Painters

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How often should you repaint an office?

Typically, we recommend repainting an office every two to three years to maintain a professional touch and a productive workplace. With exposure to sunlight, temperature, and other factors, your paint will begin looking old, requiring a bit of a clean-up with a fresh coat.

What is the cost to paint an office in the Honolulu area?

The cost to paint office space projects in the Honolulu area varies based on the size of the space and the state of the job site is in. If you need just a quick paint job with premium paints, that will cost less than other, more tedious elements, like wallpaper removal or other damage improvements. For a quote, contact us today.

Can I use digital payments to pay for office painting services?

At Oahu Pro Painters, we understand the importance of convenience - and digital payments are part of that. Some painters accept credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and other payment gateways to make payments more convenient. Additionally, some offer payment plans to alleviate any additional cost burdens, spreading out payments for commercial office painting services over time.

Do you offer custom office painting services?

Yes, at Oahu Pro Painters, we do offer custom office painting services. Our team of professional painters will work with you to determine the best tactics for your project, ensuring the result is just what you had in mind for your office space. To get started on your custom project, schedule a free estimate online today, and we can begin working together to update your office.

What is included in the office painting quote?

Our quote for our office painting services includes the cost of labor as well as sales tax. Additionally, we will provide our own supplies, and if we selected the paint, the final price including the paint selection is included in the price. With this quote, we also guarantee the proper prep and cleanup of your space to ensure it’s left good as new and ready to return to work.