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Commercial Restaurant & Hospitality Painting Contractors in Honolulu, HI

Oahu Pro Painters creates luxurious, professional, and high-quality indoor spaces when it comes to hotels and other hospitality industry properties.

When it comes to a hospitality facility, we know guests and travelers are coming to your location with a luxurious vacation in mind. No matter their destination, your business wants to put the best foot forward, and this starts with a skilled hotel painter. Whether you want to spruce up your color palette or are in the midst of a hotel renovation, our professional painting services can elevate your design in a cinch.

Businesses enjoy our hospitality painting services across the island, and we're well-known for our commitment to the highest standard of finish when painting interior walls, moldings, entryways, and more. As a hotel painting company, we pride ourselves on our years of experience, our ability to work to a budget, and our use of the best paint products. Whether you're looking to create a classy and traditional indoor space, or you want to renovate an interior room to look fresh and modern, our team is here to help.
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What Areas of the Hospitality & Hotel Industries are Served

The Oahu Pro Painters team caters to virtually every area of the hospitality industry. Our years of experience finishing professional paint jobs in commercial environments give us the confidence and skill we need to get the job done right for your business.

Our hotel painting company services a number of industries, including:
  • Kitchen
  • Mudroom/entryway
    Cruise Ships
  • Bathroom
    Event Planning
  • Game room
    High-end Restaurants
  • Livingroom
    Theme Parks/ Amusement Parks
  • Livingroom
    Hotels, Motels, Inns, and other types of lodging
  • Livingroom
    Transportation services including trains
  • Livingroom
    Tourism businesses and services
For more information on our commercial painting services, here are some of our most popular commercial painting projects:


Hotels require consistent paintwork throughout, with each room enjoying the same quality finish. Whether it's painting or wallpaper, we're up to the job.


Whether you're trying to create a moody environment for a hot new restaurant, or you want something more modern, our restaurant painting contractors will help you choose the right paint product and finish.

Spas and Leisure Buildings

If you need paint that's resistant to moisture in a spa environment, or if you're looking for something fresh and inviting for your welcome spaces and hallways, we've got you covered.

Professional Restaurant & Hotel Painting Services We Provide in Honolulu

As the leading restaurant painting company and hotel painting contractor, our team at Oahu Pro Painters is proud to offer extensive, all-encompassing services backed by a team of professionalpainters.

From a painting plan for a food service company to hotel lobbies, hallways, and even ballrooms, our interior and exterior painting capabilities include:
  • Kitchen
    Commercial painting services that include both interior and exterior painting of walls and ceilings, plus floors and functional painting in public areas, guest rooms, meeting rooms, hotel restaurants, ballrooms, and gift shops.
  • Mudroom/entryway
    Ability to produce detailed exterior and interior painting, including elements such as logos, decorative surface treatments, window and door trim, and wood painting and staining.
  • Bathroom
    Ample surface preparation to ensure the highest quality and durability with each fresh coat.
  • Game room
    Quick, seamless plans and processes to ensure minimal impact for as little disruption as possible.
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Contact Professional Painters for Restaurant & Hotel Facilities

As the leading hospitality painting contractors in Hawaii, Oahu Pro Painters are equipped to handle unique restaurant and hotel painting needs with ease.
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Benefits of Commercial Hotel & Hospitality Painting Services

Let's face it - the hospitality industry is incredibly competitive. With hotels and other businesses offering 25/7 services, moving beyond a basic hotel room to include bars & cafes, it is truly a 365 industry. With the importance of hospitality businesses, hotel painting services are all the more important to ensure the upkeep and curb appeal to ensure returning customers. Thankfully, when it comes to hospitality painting, the results are truly tangible and visible, instantly freshening the interior and exterior for an improved appearance. This will lead to increased popularity and customer satisfaction, all with basic interior and exterior painting services.

Our Hawaii Restaurant Painting Company Process

As leading restaurant painting contractors, our crew members at Oahu Pro Painters have worked out our painting process to ensure your business operations go off without a hitch.

With our team of skilled professionals, we understand better than anyone that it's important for restaurant owners to keep the space up and running with little interruption. To ensure this, we have clear process restaurants and most hotels can count on. As your restaurant painting contractor, you can expect:

Step 1

A member of our team will meet with you to discuss the project in detail and provide you with a cost estimate.
Step 1 - Get a Quote
Step 2 - Initial Consultation

Step 2

If needed, we will assist with selecting your project colors. Whether you are choosing interior or exterior shades, we can provide professional guidance.

Step 3

Once paint colors have been chosen and ordered, we will prepare the area to be painted and begin painting
Step 3 - Prepare Surfaces
Step 4 - Apply New Paint

Step 4

Once the painting is complete, our team will clean your location, leaving it cleaner than when we began.
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Why Choose Oahu Pro Painters for Painting Hotels, Motels & Resorts?

When it comes to a hotel, motel, and restaurant painting contractor, there's a reason Oahu Pro Painters is the go-to.As local restaurant and hotel painting contractors, we know what's needed to make sure the job is done right. We know that a job not done right the first time is a job that needs fixing pretty soon after, and our customers deserve the best. That's why we're guided by our principle of getting the work done right the first time and doing it on budget.
We Save You Money: We work to your budget on a pre-agreed schedule with a plan we customize together. Once we agree on paint, style, and time frame, we'll give you the best deal around…and save you money on needing future repainting jobs! From quick work to the best deals on products, we ensure a flawless finish on a budget.
Guaranteed Satisfaction: If we do the job once, we do it right. Every single time. That's what sets Oahu Pro Painters apart from the rest. No matter the schedule or how large of a project, our painters offer a great first impression, leaving you with a stunning finish, no matter what.
Popular Local Professionals: Our team of painters is made up of popular local professionals, and you'll love having them around. They're friendly, professional, well-equipped, and knowledgeable. Furthermore, our team has a unique understanding of the Hawaii culture and climate, ensuring our climates are left with a professional finish that suits the Hawaiian climate. What more could you need?
On Time, Every Time: Once we agree to a schedule, we stick to it. We'll get the work done on time, and ensure your property is cleaned up and ready to go on the day you need. We always meet timelines and expectations, ensuring we meet your unique needs on time.