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A clean, professional paint finish can do a lot to create a more appealing, welcoming atmosphere. But painting high rises? Now that’s a different ball game. 

Painting high-rise buildings takes special skill, unlike your classic paint job, and it’s not something every average contractor is equipped to handle. Thankfully, at Oahu Pro Painters, we not only have years of experience painting high-rise buildings but both residential and commercial properties, too. We have the expertise you can count on. 

With the tools and heightened skill level to handle a larger scale painting project, the team at Oahu Pro Painters offers the best results of all the high-rise painting contractors in Hawaii. Trust us, you can count on our skills to expertly handle your next high-rise painting project while staying within your budget.
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What Do Our Professional & Safe High Rise Painting Services Include?

With all the skill and care that goes into high-rise painting services, our team at Oahu Pro Painters offers years of experience, ensuring we know all the ins and outs of painting hard-to-reach areas and high-access spaces. No matter the scale of the project, our team of professional high-rise painting contractors takes extra care to ensure every aspect of your project is covered.

We offer government building painting for the following:Our high-rise painting services include:
Exterior and facade painting
Membrane coatings
Full interior painting
Coatings for waterproofing
Paint stripping
Remedial works
Removing rust
Textured coatings
Abrasive blasting
Coatings to prevent graffiti
Painting steel
Spray painting
Managing hard-to-reach and difficult access areas
Pressure cleaning

With our team of experts by your side, you can expect a full-service, high-quality, high-rise painting job that’s handled with care.

Industries We Work With

With experience handling residential high-rise painting, commercial properties, hard-to-reach paint areas, and multi-story building projects, our team is equipped with years of experience and expertise that helps make every project a success.

We offer government building painting for the following:Our high-rise painting services include:Through our 15+ years in business, we’ve provided high-rise painting services to:
Apartment buildings
Government locations
Retail spaces
Hospitals and medical facilities

Instead of opting for high-rise painting companies with less experience or basic painting tools, you can trust Oahu Pro Painters to handle the job right with a team of experts and all the essential high-rise painting equipment for a high-quality finish that lasts.

Why Choose Oahu Pro Painters for Hard-to-Reach Painting Services?

Painting hard-to-reach areas is a different task than painting a basic interior or exterior, and with that difficulty comes a heightened need for skill. Thankfully, our team is highly experienced with high-access painting and goes the extra mile to ensure your project is handled with care.
When choosing Oahu Pro Painters out of all the high-rise painting companies, you’re ensuring:
High-Quality Work

High-Quality Work

To do great work, you need experience, and our team at Oahu Pro Painters has just what you need. With over 15 years in the business, our team is equipped with the skills to handle any paint job, including high-rise painting.
Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

At Oahu Pro Painters, we understand that many locations must remain up-and-running, despite the work being done. For this reason, we work out high-rise painting services around your schedule, conducting business within the hours that are most ideal for your situation.
Local Partner

Local Partner

As a local business dedicated to the Oahu area, our team is uniquely qualified to paint your property. Not only are we your trusted neighbors, but our team understands the properties of the unique condition experience in the area.
High-Quality Tools

High-Quality Tools

Due to our years of experience, our team knows all the best materials and tools to use when handling large-scale painting projects, and you can trust that we will use the best-of-the-best when handling your high-rise painting job.

Our High-Rise Painting Process

Due to the sheer scale of painting high-rise buildings, our team goes through a unique process to ensure a high-quality finish for the exterior of your building. To better understand what’s ahead for your high-access painting project, we are breaking down our process.
Power Washing
When tackling high-rise painting projects, we always begin with a thorough inspection. This involves accessing the surface material, as well as the hard-to-reach paint areas. Additionally, we will perform a paint sample to finalize the color we will paint the building, as well as test paint adhesion.
Surface Preparation
While some high-rise painting contractors may skip this step, our team always makes sure to prepare the surface we are painting before beginning. This involves cleaning and sanding the exterior removing any dirt and debris that may get in the way of a long-lasting paint job. We also use this time to repair any cracks, dents, or holes, as well as give attention to caulking issues.
Next is priming. To help paint stick to the surface, we cover the to-be-painted area with a primer as a base. As part of our services, we will select a primer that is compatible with your building’s unique surface.
Now, it’s time to paint! With expansive expertise, we will use our knowledge to paint your building, including painting hard-to-reach areas for a smooth, even coat.


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Excellent quality of work! Great service provided by all which includes Ellen and Kiani in the office and John, Vato and their crew on site. The job site is located on very challenging terrain. I was very confident that the crew worked safely taking all precautions. All in all, the pricing for mom's project was fair and I think everyone in my family is very happy with the end result!
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Karl Van Zandt
Honolulu, HI

FAQ about Condo & Apartment Painting Services

How much are high-rise painting services?

Great question! The final cost of high-rise painting services largely depends on the scale of the project and the intricacies involved in creating a high-quality finish. If your building needs a number of repairs, or you’re opting for a more expensive paint, costs will change. Schedule an estimate for your project online today, and we will get back to you with the details.

What color is the best for exterior walls?

The color that’s best for your exterior walls is largely based on personal preference. However, we typically recommend going for a timeless hue that will look great through the years. This can include neutral shades, but a pop of color can be wonderful as well. Our team is happy to consult with you to find the best color for your space. Reach out to us at 808-468-5604 to discuss!

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