Which Living Room Wall Paint Colors Go Best with Dark Brown Furniture?

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    Dark wood furniture has an unparalleled charm that can turn any room into a cozy sanctuary. The warmth that darkened wood furniture radiates in a room is often inspiring and elegant. However, it can get an outdated and stale look if the wall colors in the room don’t compliment it perfectly.

    Certain paint colors go with dark wood furniture and certain don’t. Finding that impeccable balance can mean the difference between having a room that looks luscious and satisfying in its design rather than a room that looks old.

    Read further to pick up the best residential painting colors for dark brown furniture!

    What Are the Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms with Dark Furniture?

    Wall colors for dark furniture are a sensitive choice, you want an inviting color that will act as an enveloping backdrop to your pieces of furnishings. Find out the best interior house painting colors that perfectly match with dark brown furniture below.


    Paint Colors for Living Rooms with Dark Furniture

    White walls and dark furniture are bound together in this perfectly classy marriage that adds so much charm to a room. A white living room color with dark furniture will make that room look clean and spacious. It will give it a look of organization yet warmth. There is a quiet distinction in white walls that lightens a room.


    Ochre is a hue that when combined with green and with dark furniture can give your room a look from the fairytales. This magical combination of colors with dark wood furniture is whimsical whilst having a calming effect. Wall colors for dark furniture must give the room a reason to be, to showcase the beauty of the dark wood itself.


    Grey Walls with Brown Furniture

    Wall colors for dark furniture are an important choice as they will define the mood set in that room. Painting the walls grey in a room with dark furniture adds a feeling of calm and elegance to the room. The low contrast forms a bubble that envelops all who enter. Especially if your food furniture has a slight hint of cherry or maple, then you will not go wrong with the grey wall color.


    Green walls used in rooms with dark furniture are extremely natural. It is widely used in the designing world for it represents the most basic of our instincts and provides us with a feeling of coming home. Brown and green are the most prevalent colors in nature so surely, they are perfect partners in design. With green and dark wood, you cannot go wrong.


    Blue Wall Paint Color with Brown Furniture

    Traditionally, blue walls don’t usually align themselves too well with dark wood furniture because they can make a room look darker. In small rooms, the combination of the 2 may be the wrong choice. However, blue walls are known to have a calming effect and can add a significant amount of warmth to a room. It has also become trendy these days to combine dark wood furniture with blue walls provided the room is large and receives loads of natural light.


    Purples may seem like an odd wall color choice for dark furniture, but they can liven up a room and a splash of color to what normally would be a dreary room. However, it is important to use purple walls in a room with dark furniture only if the room is large; in smaller rooms, this combination could make the room look cramped and smaller.

    Dark Reds

    Red Walls with Dark Brown Furniture

    Much like the purples, dark reds will transform a room and add much-needed light. Dark red walls with dark wood furniture can give the room a more historic feel. Wine reds are extremely popular and complement furniture made with walnut, maple, and mahogany wood. If you want your living room to stand out, then this may be a fun, bold choice.

    How Do You Brighten a Room with Dark Brown Furniture?

    Even though dark wood furniture goes hand in hand with the chosen wall colors, certain steps can be taken to ensure that the rooms still look bright even if there is little or no natural light.

    The Perfect Finish Starts With You

    Breathe new life into your space. Entrust Oahu Pro Painters with your property and expect results of the highest quality.


    Many different types of paint colors go with dark furniture, there is no one right answer or one wrong answer. This depends greatly on your tastes and moods at the time of the design. But isn’t it time to redecorate and take a risk, maybe step out of your comfort zone, and give your room with dark furniture a new life with a new wall color?

    Contact Oahu Pro Painters today or fill out online form and we'll help you pick up the best wall color for your furniture!


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