January 24, 2023

12 Beach Color Palettes for Painting My Hawaiian Coastal Home

12 Beach Color Palettes for Painting My Hawaiian Coastal Home

Wondering what are good exterior house colors in Hawaii?

When it comes to your coastal Hawaiian home, choosing a beach house color palette can feel like a challenge as you navigate the balance between embracing the coastal lifestyle and choosing a timeless color. Unlike other areas where many opt for a classic beige, the best exterior beach house colors have more fun and vibrancy, bringing that coastal vibe to every touch of your home.

To help you explore the best colors for beach house designs when painting your home’s exterior, we are breaking down the top Hawaii exterior house colors to assist in your decision process.

What Are the Traditional Coastal Beach House Colors?

When it comes to the most popular color for a house in Hawaii, we typically see shades of light blue and green.

These blue and green hues make a lot of sense for beach house colors as they are some of the more calming, relaxing hues that are reminiscent of the ocean and sky. Furthermore, the colors typically found within each home reflect those that remind you of soaking up the sun, fully embracing the beach vibe with both interior and beach exterior house colors. 

Why Choose Coastal Colors for Your Hawaiian Home Exterior

hawaii plantation house colors

Hawaiian home exterior colors are one of the first impressions your guests will have of what your home will look like inside. With a beautiful exterior, you not only increase this curb appeal but the property value, too. 

Typically, homebuyers looking at coastal homes are looking for a stress-free retreat. And with the right colors of Hawaii, you can give that peaceful energy before they even enter the space. By embracing Hawaii exterior house colors, you can better embrace buyers specifically looking for that beachy vibe, letting them know that comfort and relaxation are within reach.

Painting or Siding a Home in Hawaii

Unlike the mainland, Hawaii has unique needs when it comes to painting or siding your home. 

Due to the beachy scenery, the architectural styles are much different than those you find in other states. This architecture is important to keep in mind when choosing your exterior. For instance, if you live in an older home, it’s important to research the architectural design of your home and what colors were historically important, embracing those Hawaii colors with a long history. Many painters, in fact, use “Heritage” colors to complement a home's history and design, embracing the color of Hawaii with your new hue. 

Top Hawaii Exterior House Colors

Need a bit of inspiration for Hawaii plantation home colors? We’ve got you covered. Offering years of professional color consultations in Oahu, we know a thing or two about color. From classic light blue to deeper hues, here are the top Hawaii exterior house colors for your beach home.

#1 Light Blue & Salmon

hawaiian exterior house colors

Light blue and salmon are amongst the most popular combinations of Hawaii beach home paint colors. 

Starting light blue, this beautiful color is designed to mimic the color of the sky, bringing light and airiness to your property. For even more of a pop, salmon colors are the perfect accent to a light blue. This will bring the home together with a reef-inspired color, joining the sea and sky into your home design. 

#2 Deep Blue and Light Wood

For a simple, yet elegant finish, opt for deep blue paint color and light wood accents. 

By adding wood shingles and accents to a home with blue siding, you can create a dynamic, timeless, and classic home design, still embracing the natural colors in Hawaii while getting the classic hue favored on the mainland.

Light wood elements are particularly beautiful for deck staining as well as other accents and do a lot to mimic a sandy beach, joining the deep blue of the ocean and the sand into your beach home design.

#3 Light Grey and Light Blue

most popular color for a house in hawaii

It’s hard to deny the beauty of these Hawaiian exterior house colors. The two-toned colors of light gray and light blue are a long-time classic beach house favorite. Without being too over the top, this color combination offers a subtle beachy nuance, perfectly exemplifying the balance and tranquility of a seaside home. 

#4 Light Yellow and Light Blue 

To mimic the beautiful sunshine and serene beaches, we are all about a light yellow and light blue Hawaii color scheme. 

Lifting moods by embracing the colors of a sunny day, a yellow home is the perfect beach town getaway. Light blue is also an everyday shade used in beach towns, which is ideal for accentuating a butter-yellow home. We love light blue accents on windows or doors, or even the roof, to bring more of the sky inspiration to your home. 

#5 Dark Grey and Black

We know what you’re thinking - are popular exterior Hawaii house colors really this dark? Actually, yes. 

Standing out from the numerous light-toned homes, embracing darker hues and adding touches of white on the trim with a rustic wood door can create a more sophisticated finish to your home that’s beautiful to return to after a long day at the beach. 

#6 Tan & Teal 

top hawaii exterior house colors

Combine a love of neutrals with a beachy pop of color with tan and teal. 

With many new home improvement projects, tan-colored siding is utilized. This color is popular across the mainland, and in Hawaii, due to the neutral color that’s pleasing to the eye and matches everything. Additionally, this lighter-toned color won’t heat up as quickly in the hot Hawaiian sun. 

To get that neutral tone and beachy energy, add accents of teal. These hues will pop against the neutral tan shade, and take your home from the city to the coast in just one coat. 

#7 Light Green 

To mimic the sea foam color found at the beach, light green homes are a beautiful pop against the shorelines. Considered a more “neutral”, outdoorsy color, light green is a more subtle hue that still embraces the colors found in nature around your beach house. Creating a sense of calm and back-to-nature energy, it’s a happy medium between a true neutral shade and the bright accidents popular in Hawaii. 

#8 Lavender or Purple with White

what are good exterior house colors in hawaii

Looking for Hawaii plantation house colors that don’t directly mimic the beachy hues so popular on the island? Give purple a try.

A long-beloved color for victorian homes, light purple, and lavender tones are a beautiful exterior home color in any beach location. Especially when exemplified with white trim to make the color pop, these purple-colored homes become a beautiful representation of some of the most stunning foliage, from lavender plants to hydrangeas. 

#9 Apricot with White or Gray

For brighter Hawaii house paint colors, an apricot home exterior with white or gray is a favorite. 

Ideal for a homeowner who enjoys a little extra attention, apricot is a loud color that brings a lively brightness to your beach home. However, you don’t have to go all out and bold. To perfectly match your apricot home and tone down the color, splashes of white or gray are perfect, bringing added lightness and neutrality to your home exterior. 

#10 Black & Dark Wood 

exterior hawaii house colors

For those that prefer darker Hawaii exterior house colors, black exteriors with dark wood are a stunning, masculine, and strong home finish. 

This can be done in a multitude of ways, whether you want to dip your toes into darker shades with black time, implement those dark hues in your amenities and interior design, or go all out by painting your front door a rich black color. 

Additionally, tying in dark stained wood can give a modern feel to a beach house. With this element, you can tie your design together, bringing both natural and modern elements together in one. 

#11 Turquoise 

Who doesn’t think of the beach when they look at a turquoise home? As the most popular color for a house in Hawaii, turquoise is stunning both as an accent color and for the entire exterior of your home. 

Embodying the color of the waves at your nearest beach, turquoise offers the calmness blue and green-tone shades have to offer, with a brighter pop to instill a bit of liveliness in your beach home. 

#12 All White

hawaii house paint colors

When in doubt, go with an all-white Hawaii color palette. If you’re stumped on how to paint your beach house or want something that matches everything and never goes out of style, painting your home from top-to-bottom in a shade of white is a stunning, bright choice. 

What Paint Colors Will Make Your Beach House Look Bigger and More Luxurious Outside?

With the right exterior Hawaii house colors, you can make your home look bigger. 

Most commonly, lighter paint shades will make your home look larger, brighter, and more enticing to passersby. While you can opt for classic ivory or white, pale gray and light green are great choices, too. When it comes to a beach house, you can embrace the surrounding scenery while still making your home look larger with some of our favorite shades, whether you go for a bright white or a light green to accentuate your home’s exterior. 

Should You Paint the Whole Hawaiian House in One Color?

Homeowners across the world run into the same question - should I paint my whole house one color? And there’s a simple answer - you don’t have to!

When navigating Hawaii beach home paint colors, here are the top recommendations to achieve a stunning design. 

Using a Single Color to Tie the Colors Together

One way to tie your home’s exterior together is to use the same color to tie elements together. No, this doesn’t mean you must paint the entire exterior, roof, deck, railings, and all other elements a bright shade of violet. Instead, you can paint one element of your exterior this shade, and incorporate other design elements, such as a flower vase with that color, alongside a different colored area to bring the colors together. 

Using Different Shades of the Same Color

Another solution is to use the same color in different shades. This is great for creating a cohesive design that doesn’t look one-dimensional. 

To do this, implement different shades of the same color on different sections of your home’s exterior. Additionally, you can use accents or outdoor decorations in various shades, giving your home and exterior a continuous palette. 

Using the Same Group of Colors

Using the Same Group of Colors

To keep your home exterior looking put together, you can utilize the same group of colors throughout the entire exterior. This can be done by choosing just two or three colors, creating a theme that maintains across your outdoors. 

You can do this by choosing one color for the siding, another for the door and windows, and maybe a third for the fence. Then, continue implementing these three colors across your home design. 

Use Accent Colors

A final solution is to utilize accent colors to create a beautiful design. While your home’s siding may all be one color, you can use an accent or trim hue to create a more well-designed, cohesive exterior. Typically, we recommend choosing a lighter or more neutral color for the main color of the home, and a complimentary and contrasting color for the trim, door, and windowsills. 

In Summary

From light blues, to bold yellows and apricots, the Hawaii color palette is one of vibrancy and tranquility, allowing homeowners to unwind in our stunning beach environments.

Whether you prefer a neutral finish or a beachy pop of color, our team at Oahu Pro Painters is here to help. Offering expert painting services, schedule an estimate for exterior painting of your house to begin enhancing your beachfront home today.

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

12 Beach Color Palettes for Painting My Hawaiian Coastal Home
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