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Best Paint Colors For Selling a House in 2022

Best Paint Colors For Selling a House in 2022

Painting your house is an effective way to upgrade your home and give it a fresh look. If you plan to set your house out in the market, painting it can increase resale value and attract more potential buyers.

People want to elevate their home with a paint job according to their desire and preference; whatever the colors they choose in the end, they should be pleasing to the eye and bring joy to the homeowner.

However, the concept of house painting has changed drastically; there are many new ideas, colors, and combinations. Let us help you choose the most attractive color scheme to enchant your house and add value to it.

At Oahu Pro Painters, each year, we like to take a look at the best paint colors for selling a house - an array of shades that can change from year to year. In 2022, we are all about neutral shades and a few deep pops of color to give your home interior an instant modern update. Our professional residential painters can ensure your home looks brand new with a fresh coat of paint, but first, you have to choose the color! Thankfully, our experts can help with a deep dive into the best neutral paint colors to sell a house.

Do I Need to Paint Before Selling My House?

Before even getting into color selections, you may still be going back and forth on the question, “do I need to paint before selling my house?” The short answer is yes, but here’s why.

When selling your home, the prospective buyers are hoping to see themselves in the space, visualizing their own belongings and style coming to life in their new (and your old) home. For this reason, you want to paint to sell your house to help create a neutral canvas that the majority of people could envision themselves turning into their own. For this reason, we typically advise that you paint your home a neutral color that isn’t too distracting and will be loved by all, if not most.

Another reason it’s important to paint to sell your house is to update the space. After years spent in your home, there’s sure to be some wear and tear, and that’s ok! It’s a sign that the home is well-loved. But home buyers are often looking to start fresh, and an easy way to make this possible and have your home look more appealing is with a fresh coat of paint. This will renew and brighten the space for a more appealing finish. Plus, it will make sure that your space is up-to-date on the color trends, keeping it fresh and on-trend for prospective buyers.

Ultimately, you can use paint colors to sell a house - efficiently and effectively updating your space with one simple change to the color. It’s all about elevating your home, taking it from a space that was designed just to your liking, to one that anyone can imagine themselves living in. How is this done? With the best paint colors for selling a house. These typically change year to year, and for 2022, we are all about neutrals.

Need a little inspiration? We have some suggestions for what paint colors to use when selling your house to ensure you get the most interest possible. Let’s find the best one for you.

accent walls

Rules to Follow while Selecting Paint Colors

Before you decide on the best color for your home or accent walls, it is crucial to get an overview of the rules that help select the right paint color for your house.

Be Careful with White

White is an all-time favorite color for people, as it helps lighten the surroundings and makes the room look big. It is one of the most popular color trends of 2022, but considering white an easy color is a mistake that might affect your home for years to come.

Select the correct tone of "pure white" for your house. White comes in many shades. Some are warm while others are cool. Bright white and warm shades can easily get dirty and create a cheerless ambiance.

Choose Neutral Colors

Selecting neutral colors is a safe option if you are selling your house. It is a win-win condition for both buyers and sellers; buyers might not feel the need to repaint the house or readjust their décor and furniture immediately.

Neutral colors like grey or white can adjust with many tones and combinations, so buyers have to put minimal effort into their new homes, which makes your house an attractive real estate to purchase

Commit to an Undertone

earthy tones

Every color has an undertone that can be warm, neutral, or cool. That it is a dim, smoother, or underlying tone. Warm undertones can create a happy and upbeat ambiance. Yellow, red, or orange are significant examples of warm undertones.

On the other hand, cool undertones include lighter shades of colors like green, violet, and blue, which can give a feeling of calmness. If you are unclear about which color to choose, go for neutral undertones as they perfectly balance warm and cool undertones.

Follow Neighborhood Trends

If you live in a housing society, the chances are that the local community has some rules to follow as decided by the homeowner's association. They'll likely have a list of approved colors you can use to paint your home. And picking anything else will likely land you in hot water with them.

So it'd be best to ask the association how much leeway you have with exterior colors.

Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House

The house's interior is where you spend the most time with your loved ones, having gatherings and memorable events. Buyers will notice your home's interior, so it'd be best to choose neutral colors, nothing too bold or outlandish because it might put them off the property entirely.

The best neutral wall colors for your interior walls encourage prospective buyers to imagine a fresh start in your home with their families. Remember, neutral doesn't have to be boring. There are plenty of modern and most popular wall color themes to create a clean look.

At Oahu Pro Painters, we trust premium brands like Sherwin Williams that can offer colors and combinations that can bring any space to life. Our experts suggest "Greige" as the best paint color for your house to sell; neutrals, light grays, tans, and off whites are the best options to consider.

Choosing the correct color for your interior can be confusing and exhausting; it is better to take help from professionals rather than selecting the wrong color. They will help you choose from the suitable options to sell your house faster.

1. Light Gray - Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

If you’re looking for the perfect light gray to update your space, go with Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. This subtle gray hue has a warmer finish that provides the ideal gray tint, without making your space feel cold. This neutral gray has both taupe and green undertones for a warm yet modern color that flatters any room.

2. Blue-Gray - Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

A blue-gray shade is a go-to for a slightly livelier paint choice, particularly in spaces like the bathroom. For a blue-gray paint finish, we recommend Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. This shade perfectly combines blue and gray for a subtle hint of color that won’t overwhelm even the smallest space. We love a blue-gray to provide a room with a relaxing, calming finish - perfect for use in a bathroom with a large bath. We can envision ourselves unwinding beneath the blue-gray hue now!

blue gray sherwin williams sea salt

3. Greige - Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist

"Greige" is one of the best paint colors to sell a house as it combines the age-old classic paint color, beige, with a more modern gray tone for the ideal mix. For the perfect mix of the two, we recommend Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist. This warm greige is exactly what we think of when we envision a neutral paint color - providing the ideal backdrop for those imagining themselves in your home when looking to buy. While this paint color provides a hint of warmth, it doesn't get too brown - a color many with more modern tastes would like to avoid.

4. Off White - Sherwin Williams Arcade White

Okay, so a plain, stark white is never the way to go, but off white? That is a color we can get on board with. An off white, like Sherwin Williams Arcade White avoids the plainness of a classic white with a hint of warmth that elevates your space. While we want to present the home as a blank canvas, we don’t want it to be as white as a typical canvas! This can make a home feel cold and, sometimes, cheap. But with a shade like Arcade White, you can provide a clean slate that still has some depth.

5. Tan - Sherwin Williams China Doll

Last, but not least, we have tan. Tan shades have been some of the go-to, best neutral paint colors to sell a house for years. While more modern trends have leaned towards gray tones, a subtle, light tan is still a popular choice when updating your interior, particularly with rooms like living rooms where we want a little extra warmth. For this, we recommend a shade like Sherwin Williams China Doll. While this shade is definitely tan, it’s nowhere near brown - a hue that isn’t super popular this year for interiors. Instead, this tan shade brings a subtle warmth that still pairs well with gray tones.

tan sherwin williams china doll

Best Exterior Paint Colors to Increase Home Value

Your property's curb appeal starts with how good the house looks. The yard comes second.

The home is the first thing a buyer sees, so make sure it's painted nicely and looks the best in the neighborhood.

When it comes to exteriors, we like to have a little more fun with them. Yes, the best paint colors for selling a house are still often neutral, but there are some pops of color we love in 2022 that can modernize your exterior

At Oahu Pro Painters, we select premium paints from trusted brands like Sherwin William, PPG Paints, Benjamin Moore, Rustoleum, Pratt and Lambert, and others.

So leave it to the professionals to make the right choice for you. Our recommendations for top paint colors to sell your home include:

1. Stark White - Sherwin Williams Extra White

We know, we know - stark white wasn’t recommended for your interiors. But exterior paint? A totally different story. Bright whites are super popular with homebuyers right now, providing a vibrant exterior paint that can flatter any style, making your home a bright spot on the block. For this look, we recommend a shade like Sherwin Williams Extra White. This white shade is just what the name describes - extra white. However, it does have a slight gray undertone that provides some depth for the perfect, go-to white shade.

2. Dark Charcoal - Sherwin Williams Cyberspace

For a deeper, bolder shade, we recommend dark charcoal. This is a modern selection that can bring your home up-to-date instantly. For a dark charcoal hue, we recommend a shade like Sherwin Williams Cyberspace. This rich charcoal color is a super deep gray shade that gives your exterior paint job a lot of depth. We love this color with a bright door or white trim to really make the dark hue pop.

dark charcoal sherwin williams cyberspace

3. Deep Blues - Sherwin Williams Rainstorm

A deep blue is just the fun pop of color your home needs, without deterring buyers from a bright shade. For a beautiful blue shade that is sure to catch the eye of all prospective buyers, we recommend Sherwin Williams Rainstorm. This rich, deep blue shade has notes of emerald for a jewel-toned blue that really dazzles. Similar to a charcoal shade, we recommend this color with a bright front door or white trim to make it really stand out. Have some fun with it!

4. Classic Grays - Sherwin Williams Silver Strand

Gray is undeniably one of the best paint colors for selling a house. This neutral shade can match anyone’s style, from classic to modern and everything in between. To coat your home in the ideal light gray shade, we recommend Sherwin Williams Silver Strand. This silver gray paint is one of the best neutral paint colors to sell a house with the most true-gray finish. We love this with white trim, or even paired with green for a perfect modern home.

New Trend of Earthy Colors Springing Up

bright white

Earthy tones are super popular these days. They can blend with many other shades and create a good match with your furniture and room décor. Apart from the conventional whites, you can use neutral colors to capture the visitor's attention and help close the deal.

Even if you are not planning to use them for the whole interior or exterior, you can still create a beautiful combination of textile décors in your house using green and earthy colors.

Painting Tips for Selling a House

After you proceed to paint your home, take a look at painting tips recommended by professionals

1. Choose the Right Finish

You have gone through the first step of selecting the color; now, the second part is choosing the right finish. Popular finishes available are eggshell, gloss, or stain. If you know that your walls get stained and need frequent cleaning, go for glossier finishes; they are easier to clean. While other finishes are:

  • The eggshell finish is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens; it is very close to a matte finish
  • A glossy finish works best for bathrooms and kitchens as they are used frequently
  • The satin finish is suitable for living rooms; it has a slight gloss element in it

2. Don't Forget the Trim

Painting trim is an effective method of improving your paint results. Trim is anything that is not part of the walls, for example, baseboard, window frames, door, and crown molding. Whatever the color you choose for your walls, go for a different shade of the same color for trims. Go for a bright white sheen or gloss finish.

3. Colors of Rooms to Avoid for Selling a House

Zillow, they analyzed 130K homes and their paint colors. They found out colors that sell faster and which color play their part in low offers

According to a survey from:

  • Pink is an unfavorable color for bedrooms, selling for $288 less than average
  • Yellow kitchens sold for $820 less than average
  • Living rooms that are blue sold for $820 less than average
  • White bathrooms are a major turnoff; they sold for $4,035 less


Whether you’re looking to update just your interior paint, or the exterior as well, selecting one of the best neutral paint colors to sell a house is a great way to make your home more appealing to those looking to buy. From light grays to deep blues, there’s a shade for everyone’s taste, and will instantly update your home to provide new buyers with a bright, fresh canvas.

From updating your living room with a greige hue to giving your exterior a deep color update, our professional painters at Oahu Pro Painters can refresh your space to look brand new with a premium coat of paint. To get started on your updates, contact us at 808-427-1186 or schedule a free estimate on our website today.


How many paint colors should I use inside and outside the home?

Ideally, you should use no more than five different colors. Select these shades according to your needs and requirements, and create an equilibrium of warm and cool hues.

What is the best front door color to sell your home?

You can select pretty much any for your front door. Popular choices include bright colors like yellow and pink that command attention, but you can also go for darker shades like black and brown if that’s your aesthetic.

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Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Best Paint Colors For Selling a House in 2022
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