November 1, 2021

Painting a Warehouse for Better Performance: Everything You Need to Know

Painting a Warehouse for Better Performance: Everything You Need to Know

There are many reasons why corporations choose to paint their warehouses, even though customers rarely encounter these facilities, they are the heart of a business. Unfortunately, many business owners opt to not paint their warehouses to reduce costs, but this is a fatal mistake.

From a simple maintenance perspective, a business that takes care of its brands, its employees, and its customers will want to paint their warehouses; because the color scheme can match that of the business and therefore encourage motivation amongst their employees and yield more success.

In addition, regular painting of the facilities will make them last longer and require fewer repairs. Warehouse painting can also prevent injuries while demarking certain areas with hazard symbols, employees will know to be careful in these areas.

What Are The Signs That Your Warehouse Needs to Be (Re-)Painted?

Signs That Your Warehouse Needs to Be (Re-)Painted

Let’s look at some of the crucial reasons why warehouses need to be painted or repainted on a regular basis:

1. Prevents Damage to The Warehouse

Warehouses store equipment and products, which means that the wear and tear of this type of structure will be more prevalent. It is common to see scratches and cracks in a warehouse that start as small, and over time get bigger. Warehouse painting can fill in some of these cracks and help maintain the integrity of the building.

2. Safety Reasons

A peeling warehouse floor may lead to workplace accidents and injuries because employees can’t see the safety lines demarcated properly anymore due to fading. Painting a warehouse can also prevent the formation and growth of mildew and mold which can be a health hazard for workers with respiratory issues.

3. Better Exterior Maintenance

A clean warehouse is easier to maintain and a great way to keep a warehouse clean is by regularly painting it. The outside painting of a warehouse is especially important because it represents a big part of the company. Repairs are reduced significantly if a structure is regularly painted on the outside.

4. Better Interior Maintenance

A freshly painted warehouse gives an appearance of cleanliness and order, this makes the warehouse a more optimal work environment. Employees are also encouraged when the facility is clean to maintain it. Nasty spills are bound to occur but if it looks organized and it is painted, it is easier to clean it up.

5. Update Look

All corporations have a brand, a logo, many times these will change or get updated over time. This is then a great opportunity to incorporate this updated logo and paint it onto the warehouse. This will add to the motivation of the staff and induce a more productive work environment.

Benefits of Painting The Interior of Your Warehouse

Benefits of Painting The Interior of Your Warehouse

There are numerous benefits for warehouse painting:

Improving Appearance

Peeling paint, mildew, dusty, grimy, and rusted equipment, none of these things are conducive to a successful business. Even though many clients may not encounter your warehouse, however, on the off chance that this may happen, a business would want to show how professional they are. A freshly painted warehouse will highlight how much an owner cares about his business and his clients.

Protecting The Structural Integrity of The Warehouse

Regular warehouse painting can prevent the need for structural repairs. Paints help reduce the negative effects of fluctuating temperatures within the warehouse, humidity, and moisture from creating mildew.

Safety vs Preventable Accidents

Often paints on warehouse floors mark safety guidance and if the paint is peeling off or fading there is a higher likelihood of injuries and preventable work accidents.

Work Efficiency

In today’s market all businesses try to achieve more with less, it is simply a fact. Warehouse painting can improve the overall work productivity by employees by being clean and organized. This adds a layer of undeniable efficiency that will have you seeing results from the start.

Ensure Safety by Eliminating The Lead-Based Paint

Warehouse Painting

Lead is a metal created by nature; it is prevalent in many products such as older paints. Any structure that was built before 1950 will contain lead and any building painted before 1978 is likely to contain lead. Lead dust can lead to very dangerous lead poisoning. It occurs when the lead-based paint starts to peel off or chip off which is yet another reason why warehouse painting and repainting for safety reasons is so important.

  • Even small amounts of lead can cause poisoning of which the effects are terrible because it affects the entire system in one’s body.
  • One piece of lead the size of a grain of sand can kill a child and cause irreparable damage to adults.
  • Once lead enters the human body it is indestructible

If your warehouse was built before 1978, why take the chance on your employees, protect them, and repaint your warehouse now.

How Can Warehouse Colors Affect Work Performance?

There is a direct link between work productivity and colors, a lot of research has been done on this very topic. The most popular research on colors and productivity is: ‘The psychology of colors’ which many corporations and businesses today use to create their color schemes and logos.

For example, white is a very popular base color because it symbolizes cleanliness and organization. However, a University of Texas study shows that even though white is a clean color it doesn’t always inspire productivity. It can have the opposite effect and cause employees to lose motivation over time.

Warehouse paint colors will inadvertently affect your employees’ productivity, potentially motivate them, and affect your business’s bottom line. Choosing the right wall warehouse paint color can also affect the overall employee interactions, certain colors may make them more comfortable and build a more solid cooperative adhesive team. Just as you put a lot of effort and thought into designing your company logo or store, the warehouse paint colors should be an extension of the brand you are trying to promote.

What Colors to Choose for Your Warehouse Painting

Colors to Choose for Your Warehouse Painting

Choosing the right color for your warehouse is as important as the organization of your showroom. Most common warehouse painting ideas come from the logo of a company and/or the company’s colors. For example, if your company logo contains green and yellow then it would make sense to use these colors in your warehouse. Here are some ideas:

Whites and Grays

Whites and grays are very popular warehouse paint colors; they get the job done but there is not much effort put into the thought behind it. When a warehouse is painted either white or gray, it does give out a clean and organized look but may have an undesired long-term side-effect on workers who spend their days inside the warehouse. These are good colors to use if combined with flashier colors, perhaps one that is associated with the company logo.

Browns and Beige Colors

Browns and beiges are also quite common in warehouse painting, but they do give out an outdated worn-out look. Of course, combining them with brighter colors according to your company logo, it can give the warehouse a relaxing and earthy feel. It is important to be mindful of the fact that certain shades of brown and beige can make people feel melancholic, which isn’t very productive.

Yellows and Oranges

Yellow and orange are very bright, and they evoke a sense of sunshine and happiness. However, certain people may get overwhelmed if surrounded by these colors on a grand scale for long periods of time. Perhaps, yellow and orange hues are best used in combination with other colors and used in only choice areas of the warehouse so as to not create a feeling of discomfort over time.


Red is a high-energy fiery color, it can be very motivating in small doses. Red can increase productivity if used correctly but it can cause undesired side-effects of overstimulation in workers that can become a distraction. If red is part of your company logo color scheme then using it with a white, gray, or beige can be great.


Blue is a great warehouse paint because it is a neutral color that inspires and calms. However, you must be careful to not use a blue that is very dark as this could have an unnerving effect like the color red. Light blues are a vibrant alternative for a warehouse base color instead of the typical white or gray.


Green is the optimal warehouse paint. It is everywhere in nature and much like light blue can have a calming effect on workers. It is important to use a lighter shade of green because a darker green can make the warehouse look dark and dingy.


Purple may seem like an odd choice, but a light purple combined with a darker purple could create a productive and fresh warehouse color scheme. It is different but it can add a splash of color to an otherwise plain work environment. Especially, if the color purple is associated with your logo, then this is a no-brainer.

Other Popular Color Combinations

  • Black and white are used when there is a restricted area in the warehouse or a no-go zone.
  • The Black and yellow color combination signals a danger zone.
  • Red and white are used to identify zones that are both restricted and dangerous.
  • Red as a stand-alone color in an area symbolizes a high-risk area.
  • Yellow is often used as either a warning color or to mark traffic instructions.

Painting The Floors of Your Warehouse

Painting The Floors of Your Warehouse

Warehouse floor painting is crucial to a warehouse’s structural integrity and critical when it comes to employee safety. Most common warehouse floor paints are different shades of whites, grays, beiges with additional colored traffic lines, and other safety markers. You can not overlook the painting of the warehouse floor because it can be hazardous.

Painting a warehouse floor will ensure that the floor will be more durable and be resistant to damage. In some warehouses, chemicals, gas, and other goods can spill on the floor, and painting the warehouse floor can prevent these spills from prematurely damaging the floor. In addition, it can minimize the accumulation of grease, dust, and other elements that can add to the wear and tear of your warehouse floor.

It is recommended to consult with your painter when it comes to the appropriate warehouse floor line painting that will be required for your warehouse.

The Key Points on the Painting Process

Painting a warehouse can be a challenging task but because of its importance, it can’t be overlooked. The painting process will depend on a few different factors such as the size of your warehouse and whether your warehouse is fully stocked or empty.

  • If the warehouse is large, then it must be separated into sections for painting.
  • The goods or equipment stored on the section that will be scheduled to be painted will need to be moved to a vacant section and so on and so forth.
  • The ceiling must be considered as a separate section.
  • The floor must be considered as a separate section.

Painting a warehouse may not look difficult but it requires skill, good planning, and a great sense of professionalism. Because painting a warehouse is a great endeavor, it is recommended to consult or hire a professional who is experienced to paint your warehouse.

Oahu Pro Painters Have Got You Covered

Painting a warehouse can affect your employees’ productivity and safety which can affect your bottom line. The importance of painting a warehouse can’t be overlooked because so many aspects of your business’ success depend on it. Choosing a warehouse color scheme that fits your company’s logo is always highly encouraged because it marries the warehouse with your showroom harmoniously.

Oahu Pro Painters are your warehouse painting contractors; we have experience with many different types of warehouses and storage facilities, we have got you covered. Contact us today!

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Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

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Painting a Warehouse for Better Performance: Everything You Need to Know
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