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Government Painting

With a new layer of paint, nearly any building can be transformed. State and federal government buildings are no exception, as they are standing communal pillars that may need a fresh coat of interior or exterior paint here or there. 
Oahu Pro Painters is the perfect company for the job, as we are committed to helping you achieve your project’s goals in a professional, affordable manner. Regardless of your project’s size or nuances, our team will work with you to transform your space.
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What Federal and State Building Painting Solutions We Offer

Each member of our team is highly trained and can execute both interior and exterior government building painting services throughout the island of Oahu. Allow our team to update the look and feel of your building while still maintaining the integrity and artistry of the original structure.

We offer government building painting for the following:
City halls
Convention centers
Bus stations
Community centers
Other government buildings
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Why Our Clients Think That We’re the Best Government Building Painter on Oahu

With such an important task that needs to be completed, you want to be sure that you choose the right company for the job. Here are some noteworthy highlights of why Oahu Pro Painters has such a reputation for excellence.
A team with decades of painting experience, making us equipped to handle any government painting needs
Local company that offers flexible and straightforward scheduling options
All of our work is warrantied
Licensed and insured
Free color consultations
Stellar community reputation

Our Government Facilities Painting Process

Transparency is at the forefront of all of our projects, as we always ensure that you are up to date on our progress. Here’s what you can expect when you hire us for your government painting needs.
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Initial Meeting
During the initial meeting and consultation, we will meet with you to discuss the specific aspects of your project and ensure that we fully understand your vision. From there, we will put together a custom quote for you to approve before we move to the second step.
Building Prep
Building preparation is an extremely important part of the process, as we always want to leave the space better than we found it. We will lay protective coverings on all areas that we are not damaging any areas of the building. When we’re finished, we promise you won’t be able to tell we were there!
Paint & Clean
Next, our experienced team will start the priming and painting process. If we need to make any changes to the timeline of your project once we begin painting, we will always thoroughly communicate with you.
Paint is a simple and affordable way to transform your building, and working with our team is easy and enjoyable.

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How much does it cost to paint a state building?

We’ll need to better understand the specifics of your project before we give you an exact quote.

Do you have experience with exterior federal buildings painting?

Yes, we can handle both exterior and interior paint jobs for federal buildings as well! We will always schedule our painting jobs for government buildings to cause as little disruption to your business’ operation as possible.

How often do you need to renew paint in federal buildings?

There is no specific rule regarding how often you need to apply a fresh coat of interior or exterior paint to a government building. On average, exterior paint jobs last anywhere from 5-7 years, but the climate has a large role in how long paint jobs will last. Because the exterior of a government building is so public-facing, we recommend repainting it as soon as you see signs of wear to help maintain its beautiful exterior. Interior painting typically happens once every 5 years or so or as often as needed.

Can you help with choosing a paint color for a government building interior?

Absolutely! We know it can be extremely overwhelming to pick a paint color that is just right for your building. This is especially true with government buildings that may be historic. We’re happy to provide you with personalized assistance when choosing the right paint color for your project. The best part? This is a completely complimentary service that we offer to our customers.

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