Stucco Repair and Painting Near Honolulu, HI

Stucco Repair and Painting on Oahu

Oahu Pro Painters offers professional stucco repair services. Exterior stucco and paintwork, no matter whether it was made with the best quality materials, will eventually look tired and faded. Sure, it takes some time, but over a period of years, the exterior of your home will build up with layers of dirt and dust, and at Oahu Pro Painters, our team can bring it back to life.

Our stucco repair contractors in Oahu know what it takes to properly clean any stucco, and to apply fresh layers of paint that looks bright and clean for many years. Our stucco painters use the best quality paint and primer, not just because stucco is notorious for absorbing paint, but to ensure that the fresh finish withstands the elements and looks clean for longer.
Stucco Repair and Painting on Oahu

What Stucco Services Include

Our Oahu stucco painting and repair team goes above and beyond to ensure your home looks brand new. We offer a comprehensive painting and repair service that cleans up stucco cracks and damage, and restores your home to the way you remember it!
We offer:
Color matching while painting newly-repaired stucco

Color matching while painting newly-repaired stucco

Stucco patching and repair

Stucco patching and repair

Stucco painting

Stucco painting

Water/storm damage repairs

Water/storm damage repairs

Stucco crack repair

Stucco crack repair

Impact damage

Impact damage

…and much more!
Whatever your problem, the Oahu Pro Painters team has both the knowledge and the equipment to get the job done right every time. We also provide synthetic and EIFS stucco repair, making our service the most comprehensive in the Oahu area.

Whether it’s a small crack caused by impact, or your home is looking tired and could do with a brand new stucco finish, we’ve got the tools and the attitude to do the job. Our color consultants will also talk to you about color options and give you a choice between the very best paints we offer.

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a home consultation where we examine your property and make our best suggestions. Then, we’ll move forward with a plan that suits your budget and your timetable!
Whatever your problem

Why Oahu Pro Painters?

When stucco is repaired right, you’ll never know it was damaged. When it’s repaired badly…well, let’s not talk about that!
At Oahu Pro Painters, we get the job done right, every time. Our power stucco repair ensures a seamless finish from old and new, and we’ll top it off with a fresh coat of paint in the color of your choice.
We’re passionate about what we do, we have the tools to get the job done properly, and our exterior stucco painters and responsible and diligent. Your budget, your preferences, and your style are top priorities.

The Most Trusted and Referred Stucco Painters on Oahu!

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Oahu Pro Painters
Excellent quality of work! Great service provided by all which includes Ellen and Kiani in the office and John, Vato and their crew on site. The job site is located on very challenging terrain. I was very confident that the crew worked safely taking all precautions. All in all, the pricing for mom's project was fair and I think everyone in my family is very happy with the end result!
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Karl Van Zandt
Honolulu, HI

FAQ about Stucco Repair and Painting

Do painters repair stucco?

Sure we do! We offer full stucco repair and repainting services, helping you restore your home’s original finish. We’re happy to take on projects large and small, and for all forms of stucco – so don’t hesitate to reach out.

How much does stucco repair cost on Oahu?

That depends entirely on the size of your home and the paint you choose. One thing that’s for certain is that the team at Oahu Pro Painters are committed to getting you the best stucco repair and painting service at the right price, so don’t hesitate to discuss your budget with us.

How long does stucco paint last?

Stucco paint, when done properly, will last between five and ten years. At Oahu Pro Painters, we use the highest quality tools and materials to ensure you get as long as possible out of a fresh paint job. The trick is using the best quality materials and having a team that really knows what they’re doing!

How often should stucco be sealed?

You should expect stucco to need to be sealed every four to five years, depending on the quality of the job and the environment the stucco is exposed to. We’re confident our work will last for many years, and we’re always happy to provide consultations and offer advice.

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