Paint Color Consultant on Oahu

Paint Color Consultant on Oahu

Our team of professional painters in Oahu, Hawaii, offers convenient paint consultant services perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. We’ll visit your home, discuss your interior painting and decorating needs, and come up with a color scheme that complements your home. A house color consultant will present some of our favorite colors and paints, and all the options available to you, to ensure you’re getting the exact shade you want.
Whether you’re aiming for a super modern look in your kitchen, or neutral tones in your classic living room, we have the paint, the attention to detail and the passion to get the job done expertly and impeccably.
Paint Color Consultant on Oahu

Interior and Exterior Color Consulting Services

An Oahu Pro Painters color consultant will guide you through the process of choosing the right color for every part of your home. Maybe you’ve already chosen your colors and want a second opinion, or you need some expert advice making the right decision. Either way, our team of experts think about more than just what color looks nice…we’ll discuss trims, color flow, contrasts and establishing the right mood in your home.

Establishing the Right Mood

A color goes a long way in establishing how a room makes you feel. Cooler colors are more relaxing and feel summery and fresh, while warmer tones are cozy, inviting and invoke warmth. A wall and ceiling interior paint color consultant will ask you what mood you would like your home to create, and the journey starts from there.
Establishing the Right Mood

Perfecting Color Flow

If your home has wide open spaces, connected rooms, or large doors that include panes of glass, it’s important to think about color flow. Ask yourself how the color of one room will look in contrast with the room next to it. Using the expert eye of a paint color consultant can signal the difference between perfectly complementing colors and a jarring combination.
Perfecting Color Flow

Connecting Rooms with the Right Trim Colors

Trim colors go a long way in perfecting color flow, too. We’ll help you choose a trim color that stays consistent throughout your home, connecting your rooms and establishing a modern or classic look.
Connecting Rooms with the Right Trim Colors

Exterior and Entry Painting

Finally, trust an Oahu Pro Painters exterior house color consultant to choose the perfect colors for your home entry and outdoor panels, and we’ll help create your dream home inside and out.
Exterior and Entry Painting

Why Oahu Pro Painters?

When stucco is repaired right, you’ll never know it was damaged. When it’s repaired badly…well, let’s not talk about that!
At Oahu Pro Painters, we get the job done right, every time. Our power stucco repair ensures a seamless finish from old and new, and we’ll top it off with a fresh coat of paint in the color of your choice.
We’re passionate about what we do, we have the tools to get the job done properly, and our exterior stucco painters and responsible and diligent. Your budget, your preferences, and your style are top priorities.

Passion for Getting It Right

We’re not here to just paint your house and leave. We’re passionate about getting the colors just right, which is why we also offer a tiles interior design paint consultation.

Years of Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we’ve honed our skills and methods to ensure we deliver best in class service, every time.

Caring for Your Home

Your home is your castle and we take every measure we can to protect it while painting. Let us do the work and rest assured that our professionals will clean up after our work spotlessly once we’re done!

Sticking to Your Budget

We think this is one of the most important parts of the process. We discuss your budget, and we stick to it. Every time.

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FAQ about Color Consultation

What is a color consultant?

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A color consultant has an eye for color, and knows how to establish the right mood in your home. Consultants will assess your property and while taking into consideration your vision and personal tastes, come up with a color scheme that looks incredible. Consider a color consultant the first step in creating a home that just feels right.

How to find the right color consultant for you?

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We think we’ve got the perfect color consultant for you! With our combination of experience, skills, and passion, we offer a team of expert color consultants who can deliver a color scheme that naturally flows through your home and creates a space that you love.

How much does a color consultant cost?

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At Oahu Pro Painters, color consultations are part of the process for every one of our customers. We’ll perform a full assessment for free before going ahead and getting the work done. We think it’s a key part of the process, which is why it’s the first thing we do with all of our customers!

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