July 15, 2021

How to Choose Church Interior Paint Colors

How to Choose Church Interior Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for a church can be tricky, as paint selection can be somewhat challenging for just about any house of worship. The interior of your church sets the tone for prayer and reflection, and it also needs to be inviting.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a church paint color, including the amount of natural light the interior of the building receives, how large the interior space is, the existing architecture, and more. You need to make sure you carefully consider your paint color options to select a color that strikes a perfect balance between being welcoming, calming, and relaxing.

At Oahu Pro Painters, we have years of experience helping our clients select the perfect interior church paint colors, and we have some valuable church painting ideas that we’d like to share with you.

Which Color Is Best for a Church?

church paint colors

Color plays an crucial role in the look and feel of the interior of a church. And rather than trying to capture a passing trend, it’s best to stick with colors that are going to stand the test of time.

But there are also other major considerations when it comes to choosing a color. Did you know that different colors are scientifically proven to have certain effects on the brain? Choosing colors strategically can help facilitate different atmospheres and moods within your church.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are likely to be the most pleasing to your congregation because they evoke a sense of calm that churchgoers seek to capture when worshiping. Colors like gray and pale yellow can work well for trim around the walls and can help to play off of any brightly colored stained glass windows if any. If you have a more modern church, you can paint the trims white.


Violet evokes royalty, and it can be a wonderful reminder of the kingly office of Christ. It’s best used for church pews and carpeting, accented with gray. But don’t overuse violet, as it can get slightly overwhelming. Violet works best as a complementary color, not as the star of the show. A light violet can add a peaceful and calming quality to your church.


interior church paint colors

Blue is also a nice alternative to violet in a church, as it can represent trust and an understanding of faith. Blue is an increasingly popular color for Protestant churches for this very reason. It can also work nicely as a brand color for your church.


Red is probably one of the most traditional colors to use, as it represents the presence of the Holy Spirit. Red, when used tactfully, can have a luxurious look to it, so it’s good to use on furniture upholstery and carpeting. When using red, you’ll need to dial down all the other accents because it’s bright enough to stand out on its own. Red is also often associated with strength, passion, energy, and love.


Green is a wonderful color to use in your church. Representing growth and a connection with nature can really help to bring a sense of calm to your church. This color is also associated with freshness, harmony, and fertility. Consider a green accent wall to bring positive energy into the building.


Orange can represent joy, and sunshine, and provide an uplifting element to the interior of your church when used properly. And while light oranges represent warmth, gold can connote wisdom. However, it’s advisable not to use them as primary colors but more as complementary accents throughout the interior.

Things to Consider When Painting a Worship Building

By now you probably have some church interior painting ideas, but there are several more things to consider when you’re painting a house of worship. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it professional. The first thing is that when you’re going to complete a paint job as important as this, you want to work with professional painters who can ensure that the job is completed correctly.
  • You’re not alone. Selecting the perfect color may seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to put it all on your shoulders. However, asking too many people may be a mistake as well. It’s best to have a small committee of knowledgeable decision-makers who you can rely on to help you make this decision. They can also be involved in interviewing painting contractors and should have a good amount of knowledge about building maintenance and structure.
  • Keep logistics in mind. Before any significant interior paint job, whether it’s a commercial building or a house, you’ll need to move out furniture and/or cover them while the painting project is ongoing. And if the painting project involves the exteriors too, you’ll need to make sure that any wooden fixtures, sculptures, or anything else that shouldn’t be exposed to paint are adequately covered.


When it comes to church paint colors, the options are seemingly endless. One of the most important steps in this process is choosing the right commercial painting company to assist you every step of the way.

Oahu Pro Painters is one of the best professional painting companies in Hawaii. We are passionate about transforming residential and commercial spaces in the area. For a free estimate, please get in touch with us!

How to Pick the Best Paint Color Scheme for My Church Design?

You might already have some church interior painting ideas or colors in mind, or maybe you’re starting with a blank slate. No matter where you are in your process, consider these helpful tips below to guide you in your interior paint selection.

Tip #1: Make Sure It Appeals to the Masses

Choosing the Right Church Interior Design Colors

While you want to consult with other church employees before choosing a paint color, be careful not to get too many people involved. The more opinions you have when trying to decide on a paint color, the more difficult it is to narrow down your choices and make a decision.

If you’re looking for a church sanctuary wall color, beige is typically one of the most inviting colors for churches, but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice. Consider choosing a group of three or four people to be in charge of choosing the final paint color.

This makes it easier to make a decision faster, and these people can easily interact with the architect or professional painting company. Feel free to bounce ideas off of one another to get a feel for how the paint color will impact the church’s overall aesthetic.

Tip #2: Consider the Church’s Interior Design

Before rushing into the right church wall color, be sure to spend time walking around your church’s interior. Making a note of any architectural structures, light fixtures, tile work, brick, or trim that will impact the paint color.

Being mindful of the amount of light the church gets and how this light changes throughout the day is also beneficial. Features like stained glass windows may let light in early in the morning but gradually become darker as the day goes on. It is these differences that will ultimately guide you toward the ideal interior church paint color.

The design of the church itself will also impact what paint color is best. Is the church narrow and rectangular? Or maybe it is circular and open. Consider choosing darker shades for shorter walls and lighter shades for longer walls to create a balance.

Ideally, you will capture any quirks or noteworthy architectural features with your camera to help you decide on paint colors.

Tip #3: Factor In the Psychology of Color

Church interior design colors

Color can have a significant impact on psychological feelings, and you should keep that in mind when it comes to selecting your interior church paint colors. Natural light will also factor in, as you don’t want to create a space that is too dark.

In addition to asking yourself the type of feelings you want to facilitate, you can also ask:

  • What is the congregation’s style of worship, and how can color play into it?
  • Is there a significant amount of natural light?
  • What is the quality of the overall lighting like?
  • Is this space better suited for warm colors or cool colors?

Tip #4: Keep It Simple

Now that you are aware of the significant impact that color can have on psychological feelings, use this to guide your color choice. Natural light will also factor in, as you don’t want to create a space that is too dark.

In addition to asking yourself the type of feelings you want to facilitate, you can also ask:

  • What is the congregation’s worship style, and how can color lend a hand in this?
  • Is there a significant amount of natural light?
  • What is the quality of lighting like?
  • Are warm colors or cool colors better for space?

Tip #5: Explore Various Color Schemes

Before choosing random, bold colors that don’t work well together, take a step back and keep things simple. Sometimes the most impactful church wall colors are the simplest. When putting together your color scheme, choose a few main colors that work well together. This will make it easier to choose which elements should be in which colors. 

Not only are simple color schemes more visually appealing but they can help churchgoers focus on the overall message instead of being distracted.

Neutral Surroundings

Places of worship often work well with neutral color schemes as they create a relaxing and welcoming environment for churchgoers. Consider choosing a combination of light grey, pale yellow, beige, creams, and whites to modernize the space and create a clean, airy appearance. Wall trimmings are most impactful when they are simple colors such as white or beige.

With such a neutral base, it’s easier to incorporate other colorful details without them becoming too overwhelming. The last thing you want is to distract your guests with bright, bold colors. 

Pops of Color

Not every square inch of the church needs to be monotone and boring. Incorporate different colors subtly and strategically throughout your space that reflect your church’s practices and values. 

If you don’t know where to begin in terms of color, consider shades of purple or violet. These colors are very popular in churches because they reflect the color of royalty and are often associated with Christ. Purples bring a luxe feel and texture to your church and can be utilized in carpeting or other small details. 

Red is another common choice for church colors as it is associated with the Holy Spirit, and it is used for church upholstery. If you choose red, let this be your only pop of color since it is such a bold choice. 

Subtle Color Schemes

If purple or red is too bold of a color, consider a subtler option such as green or blue. These are less stark and often represent new life or remind people of relaxing natural elements. From bright greens to hints of olives, you can’t go wrong with green.

Blues, especially if they have grey hues, are suitable for larger spaces in the church. For example, as a church interior color idea, consider painting the walls a greyish-blue while using wall art that has rich green tones.

Tip #6: Use Color Swatches First 

Be mindful of the overall color scheme that you’re creating when choosing paint colors. Each color needs to work well with one another to cultivate an inviting and welcoming space. Even if you think you have a color scheme in mind, make sure to test different options before committing. 

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Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

Sign Up For A Free Estimate Online Today, Or Call Us At 808-468-5604

How to Choose Church Interior Paint Colors
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