March 2, 2021

How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for a Retail Store

How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for a Retail Store

Did you know that retail store colors are chosen specifically because of the impact they can have on the mindset of customers?

It’s true! The best color for store environments depends on what action a company wants their clients to take, the emotions and feelings they wish to invoke, and so much more.

Oahu Pro Painters helps you realize your retail vision, and it all starts with keeping you informed. So let’s taker a look at the steps you need to pick the right store color ideas.

Steps on Choosing Retail Store Colors

Retail color psychology is fascinating…and important! It relates to how your customers feel, your company’s branding, your industry, and the action you wish customers to take while in different parts of your store.

Let’s break it down.

What’s Your Industry?

Steps on Choosing Retail Store Colors

The first step in choosing the right retail store color ideas is thinking about your industry. The kind of products you sell or the service sector you work in will indicate what colors you should choose.

For instance, in the medical industry, it’s generally unwise to use the color red. In the baby clothes and furniture industry, pastel colors are extremely popular. For an athletic goods store, the bolder and more vibrant the colors, the better!

The kind of business you run should help you determine what colors are appropriate inside and outside of your store, and if you run a store that sells a variety of products, why not break up your property into themed segments with different colors?

Learn Color Psychology

Color psychology is also important. The simplest way to describe this effect is to compare red and green to traffic lights. To many people, red is a negative color that indicates “stop” or “no.” In the same vein, green is often considered a more positive color that means “go” or “yes.”

The principle here is important, but the color red is much more interesting in a retail environment…and we’ll talk about that later in this piece.

Being surrounded by a certain color may dramatically change a person’s mood. Darker, warmer colors encourage people to relax and be cozy, while bold and vibrant colors may indicate to people that they should be active.

The more passive and relaxing a color, the less likely a customer is to take action. The bolder and more positive color, the more likely that customers may consider making a purchase or browsing for longer.

You can use the same effect in staff areas, too, by painting break rooms in more relaxing colors and offices in brighter colors that lift workers’ moods.

Think About Brand

Choosing Colors for a Retail Store

Don’t forget your branding! Most businesses will have already spent a great deal of time choosing colors that look good and embody their vision, and if you’ve already invested time in finding a color that fits your brand, then that same color is likely a good option for your store or other commercial building.

This is important when you’re thinking of store color ideas for both your interior and your exterior. Pick the main color from your branding materials or logo and then choose some other complementary to go with it.

When people see the colors you choose, make them think of your brand!

Try On Colors

You know you can always try a paint color on first, right? Painting text patches on your wall helps you choose the best color for store environments and gives you a glimpse of what your whole store will look like when the job is done.

Bring furnishing or items that you sell into view with the test patch in the background, and see how it looks. Paint a few patches throughout your building and you’ll soon notice a favorite.

Consider the Products You Sell

Choosing a Color for a Retail Store

Remember that the products you sell in your store, or existing furniture in your commercial building that you don’t plan on selling, will need to look good with your new paint color.

Think about what products will stay on your shelves the longest and consider whether the colors will clash with the new shades you’ve chosen for your walls. Do the same if you’re planning on keeping desks, chairs, and other furnishings.

Retail Store Color Ideas

With these important factors in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best paint colors for retail store environments, and you can see whether they work for you.


Red Color for a Retail Store

Perhaps counterintuitively, red can be both a negative color…and a positive one. Choose the right shade of red and people won’t see it as a negative but might instead experience an increase in heart rate and be more compelled to take action.


Blue Color for a Retail Store

Blue is a great color for indirectly boosting sales. It makes customers feel calmer and more relaxed, which is why it is so often used in banks and stores that offer services that might otherwise feel stressful.


Purple Color for a Retail Store

Purple has long been associated with royalty, and while it’s certainly a bold option, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it in your store. It’s a great option particularly for women, so consider it if your clientele is more often female!


Orange Color for a Retail Store

Orange is often used in branding because of how well it stands out. It sets a store apart from other businesses around them and can be used with lots of other colors. It’s a great way to make people remember your brand.


Yellow Color for a Retail Store

Just like orange, yellow really catches the eye. It’s often associated with positive energy, sunshine, and happiness. Just what you need if you’re trying to sell a vision to your clients and customers!


Black Color for a Retail Store

Black might not be the friendliest of colors, but it can be super powerful when used right. Combine it with stark white colors and other accent shades, and you can create something that looks cool and trendy.


Pink Color for a Retail Store

This is a romantic, feminine, and childlike color for many people, but that’s perfect for certain kinds of stores.


Green Color for a Retail Store

With businesses and clientele caring more about the environment than ever before, green is a great color for you. It makes people think of the earth, of being healthy, and of taking action.


Choosing a White Color for a Retail Store

Don’t forget white! It probably shouldn’t be the main color, but when used with earthy tones, you can create a beach-like feel to your store that feels clean and refreshing.


Choosing the best colors for retail stores is really about choosing colors that work for your brand and your customers. Keep these tips in mind, and remember to look at your store through the eyes of a buying customer.

Oahu Pro Painters helps retail operations throughout Hawaii maximize sales and create optimum buying environments. For a color consultation, advice, and high-quality commercial painting services, we are your one-stop-shop.

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How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for a Retail Store
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