What Is the Best Time to Paint Your House Exterior on Oahu, Hawaii?

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    The first thing visitors will notice when they arrive at your property is the curb appeal, and fresh paint can transform the look and feel of your space. Painting is one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways to remodel your home.

    If you know you want to paint your home’s exterior, you’re likely wondering the best time of year to paint outside, especially in Hawaii. Extreme weather conditions can directly impact the results of your professional painting project. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

    Summer Is the Best Time to Paint Outside

    Best Time to Paint Outside

    Residents of Hawaii will be pleased to know that summer is the best time to paint outside. Warm weather lends itself well to professional exterior painting, as the temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to produce the best results.

    Now, it is always warm in Hawaii, so the weather being at least 50 degrees is not an issue! The summer weather conditions and temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit are perfect for exterior home painting, and the results will last for years. This is especially true when you hire a professional painting company to take care of your painting needs.

    Painting During the Rest of the Year

    Paint House Outside

    Not everyone has the opportunity to complete projects in the summer, so you may also consider other seasons in Hawaii. However, make sure to keep a close eye on the weather conditions before moving forward with your project, as you won’t want to paint when it is cold or rainy.

    If it isn’t the best time to paint outside due to inclement weather, we will always let you know and reschedule accordingly.

    The Perfect Finish Starts With You

    Breathe new life into your space. Entrust Oahu Pro Painters with your property and expect results of the highest quality.

    Don’t Skimp on the Quality

    Typically, exterior house painting lasts a minimum of 5 years, but with the right quality and the right team, results can last significantly longer. At Oahu Pro Painters, we never skimp on quality and we take our time completing each project. We know what it takes to produce high-quality and professional results to instantly improve your home’s curb appeal.

    We will also take the time to properly prime your home’s exterior, including scraping, sanding, and priming to yield the best results. Our skill, experience, and passion ensure we execute only the best results for you and your family.

    Take advantage of our free estimates for more details and pricing information!


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