February 10, 2021

Top 8 Signs You Need Repainting House Exterior

Top 8 Signs You Need Repainting House Exterior

Repainting house exterior panels and surfaces is not just about making your home look good…though that’s important too! Oahu Pro Painters encourages all Hawaii homeowners to stay on top of their home’s exterior panels and fascia to protect against damage, gaps, and more.

There are lots of reasons for painting a house, and not only do we offer fantastic local painters to help you, we’re also here to keep you informed!

Let’s take a look at the top eight signs that you need to paint your house exterior and why it’s important.

#1 Fading Colors

Fading Colors House Exterior Painting

One of the first signs that you need to start thinking about repainting house exteriors is seeing the colors fade.

We all know just how sunny it gets in Hawaii. The amount of sunshine we see throughout the year means that the exterior paint on your home is regularly exposed to the ultraviolet and near-infrared rays from the sun. These rays are absorbed by the pigments in the paint outside your home and, over time, they fade colors and make paintwork look old and tired.

Once you start noticing fading paint, you’re just going to keep noticing it getting worse!

#2 Peeling and Cracking

Peeling Paint House Exterior

Peeling and cracking are also very common on home exteriors. You’ll notice lines in the paint, revealing the surface underneath. Over time, water and dirt fill those cracks and causes sections of the paint to peel away.

As with fading colors, as soon as you notice peeling and cracking, you’re going to notice it getting worse. It means that the cracks will spread and, soon, the entire paintwork will be cracked and damaged.

Cracking and peeling also sometimes suggest that the work wasn’t performed well, or it has just been too long since it was last painted. The sooner you repair it, the better protected your home will be.

#3 Damaged Caulking

Damaged Caulking Painting House Exterior

Home repainting typically also involves sealing gaps between stones and panels, ensuring water can’t get through and cause damage. This is also known as “caulking.”

Damaged caulk should be noticeable at any seam or seal. If it is peeling away or has fallen from the seal, it might be allowing moisture into the cracks on the outside of your home. The more water gets in, the more damage can be done – so it’s important to take quick action when you notice damaged caulking.

#4 Mildew

Mildew Painting House Exterior

Mildew only grows when it has three things; water, food, and oxygen.

A properly painted home exterior prevents mildew from growing in wood or around plastic and aluminum by denying it those three things. Waterproof coatings and caulking prevent water from getting into your home or into organic materials that provide food for mildew. The sealant also ensures there is no oxygen.

If you notice mildew on the exterior of your home, it means the protective coatings have been breached, and it’s time to start repainting exterior walls.

Don’t leave it too late! Mildew can cause a knock-on effect throughout the home and may require more extensive repainting and repairs if left too long

#5 Gaps in Woods

Wood Gaps Painting House Exterior

Gaps in the wood on the exterior of your home could mean a lot of things. It may simply be the result of damage caused by weathering or a knock to the wood. It may also be the result of wood rot or moisture reaching through paintwork and sealants.

If you notice gaps in wood that appear dry, fixing the problem might simply require using specialist epoxies and similar products to fill those holes and ensure they don’t get any worse. Dampness or rot will require more extensive work to treat the damage before moving on to applying new layers of paint and coatings.

Repainting exterior walls helps protect the wood from decay and is invaluable when protecting your home from the elements. Oahu Pro Painters’ local experts will help you analyze the problem and protect your home in the future.

#6 Selling a House

Selling a House Paint the Exterior

Selling your home is probably the top reason why you should paint your house.

Your home exterior is the first thing that prospective buyers will see, meaning you should take exterior paintwork very seriously.

A good quality paint job goes a long way in revitalizing your home and even increases the value of your property by protecting it from the elements. A member of the Oahu Pro Painters team will also work with you on a color consultation, helping you choose the perfect colors for the property that will appeal to as many people as possible.

If your property looks a little tired and you’re in the process of selling your home, it’s time to start repainting!

#7 Paint Aging

Aging Paint House Exterior

Aging paint never looks good. We’ve already talked about cracks, peeling, and fading, but aging paint is a combination of all of these. As the paint gets old, so does any coating that was applied at the same time. You may notice bubbles and inconsistent colors, particularly in places where the sun might not reach.

Your aging paint might also just be an unpopular color. Times change, and so do trends, and if your home is looking tired and old fashioned, a good quality paint job could really turn it around.

#8 Wrong Color

Wrong Color Painting House Exterior

Maybe you just don’t like the color. That’s ok, too!

Oahu Pro Painters helps you with the repainting outside of your house, with a team of local professionals well-equipped and experienced enough to do the job right.

We’ll show you all the paints and colors available and help you come up with a new style that you love.

How Often Should You Paint Your House?

It’s generally understood that you should repaint house exterior panels every five to ten years, but it always depends on the kind of house you have, your exposure to the elements and the kind of paint you use.

Oahu Pro Painters can always advise you on the best time to take action, but below you’ll find some information about how frequently you should paint your home depending on the kind of property you own.


Painting House Exterior Brick

Brick should typically be repainted every three to five years. This helps ensure the color looks right, that the paint adheres firmly to the stone, and that all protective coatings are working as they should.


Painting House Exterior Wood

Exterior wood paneling should be painted every five to ten years. Hawaii might be hot, but we still get plenty of rain! That means wood is susceptible to damage and will need fairly regular treatment and painting to ensure it remains structurally sound.


Painting House Exterior Aluminum

Painting your home exterior is something you should be doing roughly every five years for aluminum siding. Some properties may be able to get away with doing this every ten years, so long as the paintwork is done professionally and with high-quality paint and coatings.


Stucco Painting a House

Again, exterior stucco should be repainted roughly every five to ten years. It’s always better to avoid going as long as you possibly can, instead opting for quality paintwork that keeps your home’s exterior looking great and functioning properly.

Bring in Your Local Painting Experts!

Oahu Pro Painters has more than a decade of experience working with the homeowners of Hawaii. We connect you with our local, experienced painters and decorators who do amazing work at low prices.

For more information about our exterior home painting services, or for a free quote, why not give us a call on 808-427-1186?

Sign up for a free estimate online today, or call us at 808-468-5604

Top 8 Signs You Need Repainting House Exterior
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